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Many of us struggle with sleep, be it because of noisy, snore-shaken bedroom environments (not looking at anyone in particular, dearly beloved wife of mine), runaway thoughts or any number of bad habits. You'll have to sort out your own bad habits, but British company Kokoon has dedicated itself to personal audio sleep aids that can help with the first two.Continue ReadingCategory: Music, Technol
The tardigrade is one of nature’s toughest animals, using a unique form of hibernation to endure otherwise fatal conditions such as extreme heat and pressure, or even the vacuum of space. Scientists have now discovered a new species of tardigrade that expands this array of survival tools, employing a type of fluorescent shield to protect itself against lethal UV radiation.Continue ReadingCategory
At its hardware launch event today – where we also saw new iPhone 12 handsets – Apple introduced the HomePod mini, a smaller and more affordable follow-up to the first HomePod that launched back in 2017.Continue ReadingCategory: Home Entertainment, TechnologyTags: Apple, HomePod, Speakers, Audio
Storing data on magnetic tape might sound delightfully retro, but it’s actually still widely in use for archival purposes thanks to its high data density. Now researchers at the University of Tokyo have made magnetic tape using a new material, which allows higher storage density and more protection against interference, as well as a new way to write to the tape using high frequency millimeter wav
Tether Tools has announced the new Smart Shooter 4 plug-in (SS4) that enables full Sony camera tethering support for Adobe Lightroom Classic. Additionally, Tether Tools says SS4 will make for a faster and more stable connection with Nikon cameras.The SS4 plugin supports tethered shooting and camera control inside of Lightroom Classic for Canon, Sony, and Nikon cameras. In addition to full camerea
Two of the main problems with traditional plastics are the facts that they're made from non-renewable petroleum, and they stick around for centuries once discarded. A new alternative, however, is made from existing waste, and should biodegrade within a year.Continue ReadingCategory: Environment, ScienceTags: Fraunhofer, Plastics, Waste, Biodegradable, Bacteria
Along with the megalodon shark, the mosasaur was likely one of the most ferocious prehistoric marine predators. A previously unknown species of the reptile has now been classified, and it sported a crocodile-like snout that may have allowed it to catch prey that others missed.Continue ReadingCategory: Biology, ScienceTags: Fossils, Dinosaurs, University of Alberta, University of Cincinnati, Flind
Scientists from the UK and Italy have found fecal transplants from old mice to young mice result in the younger animals displaying learning and memory impairments. The findings build on a growing body of research linking age-related cognitive decline with gut microbiome changes.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: Gut Bacteria, Microbiome, Bacteria, Neuroscience, Dementia, Alzheimer's Dise
Fossil has been one of the biggest backers of Wear OS, putting out numerous smartwatches powered by Google's software, and its new Gen 5E line offers wearables that are a little smaller and more affordable than the main Gen 5 models.Continue ReadingCategory: Smartwatches, TechnologyTags: Wearable, Fossils, Smartwatch
You've had a terrible night of fragmented sleep. You're feeling groggy and out of sorts. So naturally, the first thing to do is drink the biggest, strongest coffee you can get your hands on. A new study from the University of Bath is suggesting that may not be the best idea. The study found a strong coffee first thing in the morning can impair the body’s glucose response, so the researchers recom is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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