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Ubisoft's David Lightbown joined us to analyze the history of Unreal Engine and explain what existing coding tools informed its development. ...
This year during CES 2017 I had the opportunity to work with Panasonic in their booth as part of another influencer campaign, similar to last year. In 2016, I focused mostly on the Technics audio hardware--but this year it was all about the Future Tech Lab. Get a preview of the best tech that we found in the Panasonic booth in the video embedded above, and then hit the jump to check out all the
That ground beef that you're buying may not be 100 percent ground beef. Sometimes, unscrupulous meat producers will mix in ground offal (internal organs), in order to stretch their beef supply farther. A new technique developed at the University of British Columbia, however, uses a laser to detect the presence of such cow innards...Continue Reading New tech uses lasers to check if ground beef
If you want to experience the benefits of autonomous driving technology, you need to shell out for a late model car, right? Not so, if Toronto-based start-up X-Matik, which recently unveiled its LaneCruise system, has its way. Coming as an aftermarket add-on kit, the system is designed to give any old car self-driving capabilities...Continue Reading X-Matik's LaneCruise add-on kit brings self
As I waited in the lobby at Capital One in Seattle, a group of well-dressed, inquisitive 13-year-olds arrived - joking, laughing, all while keeping their voices down in order to mind their manners. I eavesdropped a bit to get a sense for what they were feeling, and it was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. They were here at Capital One to learn about what it takes to succeed in a career in
In October, DJI introduced a new technology called AeroScope that makes it possible for law enforcement and other officials to track drones that broadcast info. The system was launched to address growing concerns about drones being operated in forbidden locations, such as near airports or over wildfires. AeroScope works by picking up telemetry and ID data broadcast by DJI drone.The Verge recently
Your pet is part of the family so it should receive its fair share of holiday gifts right? OK, so most of these gifts are really things to make your life easier but that's important too this holiday season. So get some pet tech into your life.....Continue Reading New Atlas' 2017 Gift Guide: Pet TechCategory: DealsTags: 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Cats dog collar Dogs
Helen Sanders, chief editor at picks her top five wearable tech products for helping you improve your fitness levels over the festive season. There are now some great gadgets out there which can help to give you a lot of feedback about the quality of your training. Here is my guide on the best […]The post 5 ways to embrace wearable tech in order to reach your fitness goal
As part of the new 'support package,' the Government will look to double the number of visas handed out to the 'brightest and best talent' from around the world, including those in digital technology, to 2000.  ...
There could be hope for people who have to spend large sums of money on bottles of eye medication – no, the medicine won't be getting less expensive, but a bottle of it may last much longer. That's because scientists have developed an electronic microdosing system that's considerably more efficient than current technology...Continue Reading Microdosing tech means less wasted eye medicationCat is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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