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Canon isn’t only in the business of making DSLR, mirrorless and point-and-shoot cameras. It’s also in the business of making the CMOS sensors inside those cameras—arguably the most important component. And in order to showcase what its achieved with its latest lineup of CMOS sensors, Canon USA has created a little promotional video.The video showcases a variety of sensors seen across Canon's prod
University of Michigan engineers Euisik Yoon and Sung-Yun Park have developed a nearly microscopic image sensor that doesn't require an external source of power. Measuring less than a millimeter across, this prototype camera could be placed just about anywhere – it only requires a light source to harvest energy. The technology is detailed in a study recently published in IEEE Xplore.This isn't th
At CES 2018, Canon unveiled three specialized CMOS sensors: an ultra-high resolution 120MP APS-H sensor, a 5MP Global Shutter sensor, and a 19μm Full HD sensor capable of shooting 100fps Full HD in extremely low light. Each does something special—offering high resolution, global shutter, and high-sensitivity, respectively—and now, a few months later, Canon is showing off these sensors in a series
Full HD resolution video comes out to about 2-megapixels per frame. 4K UHD-1 closer to 8.3MP. Even 8K UHD, which hasn't really hit the mainstream in any way yet, still only scratches the surface at about 33.2MP. Given all that, can you image capturing video at 120MP? Because Canon can, and has... sort of.Canon's 120MXS sensor—first introduced at CES in January—is a 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor that ca
You may recall hearing in the past about Canon's 120-megapixel APS-H sensor. The company is back with another video showing off the impressive technology. The Canon 120MXS is an ultra-high resolution CMOS sensor with 13,280 x 9,184 effective pixels, which is approximately 60 times the resolution of Full HD. The sensor has a size equivalent to APS-H and is 29.22 x 20.2 millimeters with a squar
A sensor designed to be used in space has gone on general release from cinema camera manufacturer Red. The Gemini 5K S35 was originally created especially to work in very low light conditions, but has been adapted to offer dual native ISO settings so it can also shoot in normal conditions. The sensor uses particularly large pixels and features a resolution of 15.4MP on 30.72 x 18mm dimensions.Red
You've gotta watch what you eat and drink … but if you need a little help doing so, a new tooth-mounted antenna-like sensor could help. Designed by scientists at Tufts University in Massachusetts, it's currently able to track its wearer's intake of glucose, salt and alcohol...Continue Reading Tooth-mounted sensor tracks what you eatCategory: Health & WellbeingTags: Diet
According to a new report out of South Korea, Samsung is increasing production of its ISOCELL image sensors at its Hwasung, South Korea location in a bid to clinch the #1 spot in image sensors worldwide.However, this feat is definitely easier said than done. Current market leader Sony has a comfortable advantage over its South Korean rival, and certainly won't go down without a fight. In the lucr
Click here to read the Canon G1X III Field Test Part I The Canon G1X Mark III is very different from its predecessor. One of the biggest changes is the shift from a 12-megapixel, 1.5-inch type sensor to a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. Along with this increase in megapixel count and sensor size, the built-in lens has gone from a 5x zoom down to a 3x zoom. In my first Field Test for the G1X III, I exp
It seems that February 2018 is the month of global shutter CMOS sensor breakthroughs. A day after Sony announced the first 1MP+ backlit global shutter CMOS sensor, Panasonic announced its own groundbreaking development: a global shutter CMOS sensor that’s capable of 8K, 60FPS, and HDR.Panasonic’s new CMOS sensor uses an organic photoconductive film (OPF) and features 8K video at 60fps is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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