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I first became interested in storms when I was a boy growing up in Texas, the only state in the US that experiences tornadoes, hurricane and blizzards on a regular basis. I built a scale model of a supercell thunderstorm inside a clear plexiglass box using cotton and a light bulb for lightning, and won first place in the weather category at our local science fair. Then I got permission from my mo
Private space company Blue Origin had a doubly successful outing with its New Shepard rocket today, reusing the same booster for a record seventh time and doing so with a particularly important payload onboard. The return trip to space was used to test out a suite of lunar landing sensors for NASA for the first time, which will be key to the agency’s ambitions to return to the Moon.Continue Readi
It seems like we get a new backpack promising to change the backpack paradigm on a near-monthly basis – and it’s entirely possible that is an unreachable aspiration – but the Xcube isn’t making such highfalutin promises in its Kickstarter. Instead, it sticks to just the facts about its modular pack and for photographers, what they’re offering might be extremely appealing.The Xcu
Built to travel with tinkerers and DIYers from garage, to work, to distant outdoor spaces, the new Caliber X from Tools Mule takes a different tack on multitooling. The compact, skeletal chassis disguises an 18-function, wrench-out build meant for everything from Saturday afternoon BBQs to all-out wilderness survival.Continue ReadingCategory: Outdoors, LifestyleTags: Multi-Tools, Survival, Kickst
Gardening and lifestyle brand Niwaki is showcasing a pair of rattan-wrapped shears as part of the Dezeen x Planted collaboration during this year's London Design Festival. Read more
There is a phrase that I see regularly pop up on photography forums that I think is horrible advice for emerging photographers or anyone getting started in the image-making business. It is repeated over and over again and while the intent might be good, I think it does a disservice to beginners who don’t know any better.That phrase of course is “gear doesn’t matter.”I think the intent of this phr
Over the last few years, several companies have been actively producing accessories for smartphones. The majority of these accessories have been for iPhones and for the most part the accessories haven’t been overly significant devices. What I mean is that the accessories most manufacturers produced have been small LED flashes or add-on lenses. This seems to be changing with what Profoto has done
After three years in development, Marantz has dipped into its history for inspiration for a new line of high-end audio gear that starts with an integrated amplifier and a network audio streamer/SA-CD player.Continue ReadingCategory: Home Entertainment, TechnologyTags: Marantz, Audiophile, Amplifiers, Music Streaming, Digital music, Hi-fi
One of the many traps photographers can fall into when seeking to grow in their craft is “gear acquisition syndrome” (GAS) or “gear lust”. Wedding photographer Taylor Jackson made this entertaining 7-minute video explaining why gear addition isn’t the path toward success in photography.Jackson imagines a conversation in which he tells the 2007 version of himself to a
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