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VRDC organizers want you to know about two great sessions at VRDC Fall 2017, one from VRTK dev Harvey Ball about building better VR games in Unity and the other about designing great AR experiences. ...
While we're seeing some exciting leaps forward in virtual reality and augmented reality right now, the human body is still adjusting to these types of immersive experiences. Now scientists may have found a fix for one of the recurring problems of VR/AR: eye fatigue...Continue Reading 3D display technology promises to ease eye strain in VR and ARCategory: VRTags: Augmented Reality
Lucid VR has announced the general availability of the LucidCam, its 3D VR camera.The LucidCam captures a 180º field of view, less than the spherical 360º field of view found on many consumer VR cameras, however it does so with binocular vision, creating a 3D VR experience with a sense of depth. If you want to capture a full 360º view, three LucidCams can be combined to do so.The LucidCam was dev
One of the easiest ways into virtual reality right now is through the 360-degree videos pushed by the likes of Facebook and YouTube, spherical movie balls that you sit inside and peer around in. Now Google wants to offer an even simpler format for content creators and viewers alike: VR180...Continue Reading Google makes virtual reality easier for viewers and creators with new VR180 format Cat
In a move that will expand their ability to stay at the forefront of 360 degree and VR video editing, Adobe has announced their acquisition of all SkyBox technology from Mettle, a global developer of best-in-class 360-degree and virtual reality software. The Skybox toolset at present is already designed exclusively for post-production in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC and comple
In addition to access to mentorship opportunities through the program, the fifteen startups will receive an initial investment of $20k. ...
Virtual Reality Developers Conference organizers highlight a pair of great VRDC Fall 2017 talks, one about how VR can bolster cognitive skills and another about how it helps people open up creatively. ...
Come to VRDC Fall 2017 in San Francisco this September and get expert insight into everything from the art of making VR games feel bigger (through redirected walking) to the science of social VR. ...
Now that VR's initial burst of early-adopter enthusiasm has died down a little, there's a temptation to lump it together with other recent technologies that fizzled out after being over-hyped. Is VR a flop? Is it destined to forever exist as a fringe novelty? Believe what you want, but VR's standing as the ultimate computing frontier is inevitable...Continue Reading Buckle up: VR and AR are s
At some point in the evolution of VR and AR, controllers will fade away and the headsets themselves will have sensors that track our bare hands in what's essentially real time. One firm already has an SDK – launching today – that allows developers to bake hand tracking directly into their apps, using the camera that's already on your smartphone, tablet or laptop...Continue Reading AR and VR h is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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