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A company called Afidus andbased out of Taiwan is demonstrating a relatively small cube-shaped camera called the ATL-200 at NAB 2019. Though it resembles an action camera, the ATL-200 is designed specifically to capture time-lapses; it can capture continuously for up to 30 days while on battery power.The ATL-200 camera can be powered with four AA batteries or with a 5V micro USB cable charger. Wh
Family documentarians in need of a new Canon EF-mount camera will soon have another option to choose from, which its maker is calling the smallest and lightest EOS-series DSLR within the current lineup. The Canon SL3 is all but identical in size and weight to 2017's SL2, although it's just fractionally lighter, but it brings several important new features and improvements to the table.
A laconic statement co-signed by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha could well be one of the most important news items of the year for the motorcycling world. The four biggest Japanese manufacturers have agreed to work together towards standardizing replaceable battery tech for electric motorcycles... Continue Reading Japan’s big four announce consortium for electric motorcycle battery tec
Beats has bounced into the world of wireless listening with its first set of truly cable-free earbuds. As the successor to its popular Powerbeats earphones, the Powerbeats Pro drop the tether for a standalone ear-hook design and a stellar battery life, with baked-in Apple functionality for good measure... Continue Reading Beats' Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds promise stellar sound and big
South Australia has recently put the world's biggest lithium battery into operation – but perhaps it should've waited. A local startup says it's built the world's first working thermal battery, a device with a lifetime of at least 20 years that can store six times more energy than lithium-ion batteries per volume, for 60-80 percent of the price... Continue Reading "World's first working th
When they're not ferrying folks around from A to B, taxis can be sitting around doing nothing. Electric taxis in Norway's capital will soon be able to wirelessly top up their batteries while waiting for their next fare... Continue Reading Oslo's electric taxis will soon be able to roll up for a wireless battery top up Category: Automotive Tags: Electric Vehicles Taxi
Hasselblad has introduced a cable release for its X1D medium format rangefinder-style camera alongside a new USB double battery charger. The Release Cord X is 90cm/36in long and triggers the shutter in single shot and continuous modes, and controls the camera via its microphone socket.Dual slots on the Battery Charging Hub allow for two batteries to be charged simultaneously and for the camera to
We've already heard how batteries that are built into the structure of items – such as cars or satellites – could help extend run times without increasing bulk. Now, the flight time of a drone has been almost doubled, thanks to such "structural batteries.".. Continue Reading Wing-integrated battery pack nearly doubles drone's flight time Category: Drones Tags: Batteries
If you had to pick one aspect of a smartphone to improve, battery life would be pretty high on many people's lists. At Mobile World Congress this week, Energizer unveiled a new device that's almost overkill on the battery problem. The P18K Pop is basically more battery than phone, packing a ridiculous 18,000 mAh capacity that apparently lasts weeks on a charge – but on the flip side, it br
A safety cone-orange Mitsubishi 4x4 camper van would typically be showstopper enough for any motorhome expo booth, but Campers Scotland came out blazing from both hands at this month's Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show, where it also debuted the Eco Explorer. Less rugged but still a 4x4, the hybrid Eco Explorer offers low fuel consumption and a self-charging battery system to is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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