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Mercedes continues squaring up its lineup. The new EQC 4x4² concept is the first all-electric model of the 4x4² series, promising rowdy, unrestrained off-roading powered by battery. Like the 4x4² models that came before it, the new EQC rides on clearance-upping portal axles. It also gets some new model-specific upgrades, including something Mercedes calls "lampspeakers."Continue ReadingCategory:
I have been so excited about this Hasselblad 907X camera. In this hands on review of the Hasselblad 907x and CFV II 50C we show you an image quality test, discuss the ergonomics and try it out on our Hasselblad 500cm with some vintage lenses. Check it out to see what we got!In this video and review, we take a look at a very exciting camera. Those of you who love Hasselblad as I do—I have the Hass
The Exposure photo editing software application, that was formerly Alien Skin, has been updated with enhanced GPU optimization that allows some oft-used functions to run at three times the speed. Exposure X6 also introduces a collection of new automated adjustments that aim to make image processing simpler and to save photographers time.Available as a standalone application or a plug-in for Adobe
When Hyundai debuted (rendered, really) its sci-fi-grade Elevate walking all-terrain vehicle concept at CES 2019, we assumed its design team just threw an all-time-great New Year's Eve bash and let the party favors do the designing. Okay, maybe it was a holiday party. Turns out, Hyundai was actually pretty serious. This week, it announced that it has formed a new studio to work on "ultimate mobil
La Strada started off the young year of 2020 by rounding out its fleet of Mercedes-Benz campers with the Nova EB, a B+ size compact motorhome with a neatly integrated monocoque living module on a Sprinter chassis. It's a nice option for those who want a more van-like look and feel than a larger Class C or A can provide but with a little more space inside the "van." Now La Strada slims the Nova li
mobi nomad's multi-use camper has a unique slide-out element which houses all gear and makes space for sleeping inside. The post south african-born ‘mobi X’ adventure camper unfolds into a six-person sleeper appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Lomography is back with the announcement of its latest, well, back. The LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back is the world’s first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras designed for Fujifilm Instax Wide film.Developed in collaboration with large format photography professionals as a substitute for the peel-apart Polaroid film discontinued back in 2016, the LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back works with all Graflok-equipp
How can you get to 100x hourly revenue for your Steam game? If you're West Of Loathing, a visibility round, a 'highest % off ever' sale, and then a Daily Deal will do it! Lots more inside... ...
Chinese cinema lens manufacturer Vazen has announced the release of their new 85mm T2.8 1.8x Anamorphic lens for PL and EF mount camera systems.The 85mm T2.8 1.8x Anamorphic lens is the first of a new ‘LF’ lineup designed for large-format cinema cameras, such as the RED Monstro, Alexa LF, Kinefinity Mavo LF and Z-Cam E2-F8.The lens weighs just 1.5kg (3.3lbs) and measures only 17.5cm (6.9”), makin
Chinese lens manufacturer Venus Optics has introduced a new Ultra Macro lens to its Laowa line-up with a 50mm F2.8 model that offers a 2x macro function. The Laowa 50mm F2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO is claimed to be the first-ever 2x macro lens for the MTF system, and has a minimum focus distance of 13.5cm (5.3in).Marked with the company’s ‘CA Dreamer’ slogan, the lens has apochromatic correction achie is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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