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When I’m not performing my typical duties as Rainmaker Digital’s Marketing Technologist, I’m cooking up a storm in my kitchen. Amidst the rhythmic chopping of fresh produce, the clashing of pots and pans, and the roar of boiling water, I realized that my two roles have a lot in common. They both require a balance Read More...The post You Need Both of These Skill Sets to Keep Your Audience Coming
Readers familiar with the latest season of Netflix series Black Mirror, in which a four-legged robot mercilessly seeks out and destroys our human protagonists, may want to look away now. Readers that are not may still want to look away now. It appears a secure door is no match for the fast-evolving SpotMini from Boston Dynamics...Continue Reading After you: Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot now
Instagram has announced that you can now schedule posts on the social network, provided you are signed up as a business account and using an approved third-party scheduling service. This new automation will streamline the Instagram workflow for those who are using the image-sharing app.Scheduling will work through third-party apps that make use of the new Instagram Graph API. There’s still
This is a breakdown of the many different ways Cuphead uses randomness to create unpredictable exciting fights. ...
To help design a party game that made players feel comfortable and whimsical, That's You! developer Wish Studios turned to graphic designer Annie Atkins, best known as a prop maker for film & TV. ...
When you fail to land a fatal blow, you might wonder how much your swatting at buzzing mosquitoes really is doing to deter them. But new research indicates that swipes that don't find their target may not be a complete waste of time, as mosquitoes will associate the mechanical shock of a swat with that person's odor, teaching the insects that person is not someone to mess with...Continue Read
As consumer drones have become more commonplace, so too have concerns that owners might be tempted to use them for snooping. Researchers have now developed a way to uncover such activity, coming up with a way to intercept a drone's radio signals and tell whether it's been filming things that it shouldn't...Continue Reading Intercepting radio signals can reveal if a drone is spying on youCateg
like the iconic anglepoise lamp, a classic light offering a total freedom of movement over a desk, roy's 'low gravity' will extend this ability to anywhere in space.The post fabien roy’s rocket nozzle-shaped lamp hovers right above you appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Scientists are always on the lookout for safer, more natural ways to power devices that go into our bodies. After all, who really needs toxic battery elements and replacement surgeries? One organism that is pretty good at generating biocompatible power (for itself, at least) is the electric eel, and scientists have now used the high-voltage species as a blueprint for a promising new self-char
We've featured a fair number of underwater drones over the past few years, and they're pretty much all remotely-controlled by their shore-based users. Denmark's Supportive Robotics, however, is developing one that's a bit different. Known as Allec, it can be piloted via remote control, but it can also perform its own autonomous missions...Continue Reading Underwater drone explores the depths, is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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