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GE has announced its plans to build the world's largest laser-powder additive manufacturing machine. The device, which will be developed through a new branch of the company called GE Additive, uses a laser to mold metal powders and will be able to build parts measuring up to 1 m3 (35 cubic feet)...Continue Reading GE is building the world’s largest laser-powder 3D printerCategory: 3D Printing
ORA has discovered the groundbreaking potential of graphene for speakers, to build high-performance membranes that deliver ultra fidelity sound quality.The post world’s first graphene headphones deliver an unheard of sound quality appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
the winner of the race to become street legal is autogyro, who’s ‘gyrodrive’ vehicle is officially authorized to travel both road and sky. The post nirvana autogyro’s gyrodrive becomes world’s first street legal flying car appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
The action camera world is dominated by GoPro, both above and below sea level, thanks to its image quality and tough housings. But now Danish startup company Paralenz looks to shake up the market with its action camera targeted specifically to scuba divers.The first thing that stands out about Paralenz is the lack of housing and filters necessary to record at depth. Usually when diving, colo
the world's largest 4K widescreen TV comes in at 262 inches (6.65 m).The post samsung develops the world’s largest 4K widescreen TV for c seed appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
the leentu instantly deploys into a tent-top with a built-in mattress made from a comfortable, high-density foam.The post leentu’s rooftop camper is the world’s leanest tent shell appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is known for getting creative with cardboard and wood, fashioning low-cost materials into emergency housing and restored cathedrals, just to name a couple of recent examples. A newly announced mixed-used building for Vancouver will continue in this vein, combining wood with glass and concrete to create what the developers describe as the tallest hybrid timber st
SpatialOS creator Improbable has just brought on someone else who's been known for their work in creating online kingdoms that bring millions of players together: MMO game dev vet Bill Roper. ...
A groundbreaking plant where carbon dioxide is sucked from the air before being resold has opened in Switzerland. Read more
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