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The US Navy got a bit bigger today as the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) was welcomed into the fleet. At 10:00 am EDT at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, the 100,000 tonne (110,000 ton) nuclear-powered supercarrier was formally commissioned in a ceremony where President Donald Trump gave the principal address inaugurating the vessel into its half century of active service...Continue Reading Worl
Paris-based designer Pierre Buttin borrowed the "rugged aesthetics" of brutalism to redesign some of the most popular sites and apps in the world. Read more
Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Barbara Davidson and Volvo recently teamed up for an unusual photo project: Davidson created the first ever photo exhibition ever shot using a car camera.The brainchild of the Swedish ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the exhibition was captured using the safety camera on board the Volvo XC60. It’s an intelligent camera that can detect other cars, pe
designboom speaks to chiharu shiota about her unique woven installations and the quiet poignancy of everyday objects. The post weaving new worlds: designboom speaks to chiharu shiota appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
behind the wheel, stunt driver terry grant experienced a g-force of 5.5 during the twist, and required a 160-meter run up to hit the air at the correct speed.The post jaguar e-pace shatters record for world’s furthest barrel roll with 270° corkscrew leap appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
While the more familiar consumer drones can reach perfectly respectable speeds of 40 mph (64 km/h) plus, racing drones are another matter entirely. These rapid quadcopters are built purely for speed, and none more so than the RacerX which just claimed a Guinness World Record for the fastest ground speed by a remote controlled drone. ..Continue Reading World's fastest drone clocked at 163 mphC
MULTI can move sideways as well as vertically, and without height limitations, it enables unprecedented possibilities in architecture and design.The post MULTI, the world’s first rope-less, horizontal-vertical elevator system appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Just last week, Tesla announced it was building the world's largest lithium-ion battery in Australia, but a German energy company looks set to nab the overall title of biggest battery. Ewe Gasspeicher GmbH is building a redox flow battery in underground salt caverns, with enough output to supply a day's worth of power to 75,000 homes...Continue Reading World's largest redox flow battery being
digital cinema camera company RED announces the 'hydrogen one' smartphone that it calls a 'holographic media machine' for viewing and capturing 'multi-dimensional' imagery.The post RED hydrogen one is the world’s first holographic smartphone appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Tesla's Powerwalls are starting to find their way into homes, and one of their main selling points is the way they can keep a home up and running during a blackout. Now the company has ambitious plans to extend that functionality to an entire Australian state by building the world's biggest battery storage system to keep homes powered come hell(ish summers) or high water...Continue Reading Te is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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