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The flagship model of Gresham, Oregon-based Tiny Innovations is called the Catalina. The towable dwelling is offered in three different sizes and its layout can be tweaked to suit, including the number of bedrooms required. The tiny house can also run off-the-grid with an optional solar power setup. ..Continue Reading Catalina tiny house offers flexibility and off-grid freedom Category: Tiny
Baluchon doesn't go in for fun gimmicks or fancy tech. Instead, the French firm seems to focus its efforts on putting as much home into as small a space as possible while abiding by France's strict laws that only allow relatively small and light tiny houses. This is the case with its latest model, Le Petit Prince, a towable dwelling that shoehorns in dining and sleeping space for up to three
Regular readers may remember Ecocapsule's eponymous prototype tiny house from back in 2015. In the interim, the Slovak firm has been developing its egg-shaped dwelling and reports that the first unit is now complete. An initial run of 50 is being sold this year and more are planned for 2019...Continue Reading Egg-shaped tiny house finally hatches Category: Tiny HousesTags: Home
According to the Jurassic Park movies, the T-Rex's vision was based on movement, so it couldn't see you if you stood perfectly still. That advice won't help you at all in the unlikely event that you ever find yourself hunted by a real Rex, but it turns out it might actually save your life in the equally-unlikely event that your hunter is a giant praying mantis. By putting tiny 3D glasses on t
Downsizing to a typical tiny house is a big enough challenge for many people, but to live full-time within the Terraform Three's diminutive dimensions – just 54 sq ft (5 sq m) of floorspace – requires some serious dedication. Still, while it's not for everyone, the owner seems perfectly happy with his pint-sized dwelling. ..Continue Reading This micro-house makes other tiny houses look big
A dining table that partly disappears into a seating nook and storage built into partition walls are among the space-saving solutions employed by interior designer Maayan Zusman to create a family for four in this compact Tel Aviv apartment. Read more
KTM's RC390 is already probably the most track-focused sportsbike you can buy in the small-capacity learner class. With 40hp on tap, it's a killer machine to hone the craft of cornering on - but with more race series beginning to open up worldwide in this class, KTM has decided to put an even sharper edge on it...Continue Reading KTM sharpens its tiny tool with limited edition RC390R and Supe
Not too many tiny houses look like they could stand up to very cold weather, but Quebec-based Minimaliste regularly produces hardy homes designed to keep owners comfortable throughout the harsh Canadian winter. Its latest build, named Ébène, is no different, and offers a roomy interior with a well thought-out layout. ..Continue Reading Spacious tiny house built to withstand Canadian winte
Bloomington, Indiana-based firm Carpenter Owl recently completed a compact tiny house that's partly inspired by a family heirloom whisky still. Named Honey on the Rock after a whisky recipe, the towable dwelling is used as a vacation home and has an upper deck that features a vintage soaking tub. ..Continue Reading Tub-topped tiny house is built around a whisky stillCategory: Tiny HousesTags:
Vietnamese architect Chu Van Dong has completed a tiny house project that offers a cheap and easy solution for temporary housing or tiny living. Dubbed Forest House, the 12-sq m (129-sq ft) home rests on two stilts and is one of three wooden cabins planned for a vast forest landscape in the Sóc Sơn District, 30.6 km (19 mi) outside of Hanoi, Vietnam...Continue Reading Vietnamese Forest House is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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