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Engineers from Johns Hopkins have looked to how snakes move around to inform the design of a nimble new robot. It is hoped that the development could lead to search and rescue bots able to tackle all kinds of obstacles with ease.Continue ReadingCategory: Robotics, TechnologyTags: John Hopkins University, Biomimicry, Snakes, Robots
A highly precise form of reconstructive surgery, known as supermicrosurgery, seeks to connect ultra-thin blood and lymph vessels as a way of restoring them to healthy function. This requires a high level of expertise on part of the surgeons, but they may soon have a new robotic tool at their disposal called Musa, which has performed its first round of procedures with great success.Continue Readin
Boston Dynamics put its nimble four-legged robot called Spot up for sale in September last year, and its unique abilities are catching the attention of oil companies looking toward a future of automation. Norwegian outfit Aker BP has revealed plans to put the quadruped bot through its paces to explore how such machines can make its offshore oil rig operations safer and more efficient.Continue Rea
Robots move along in all kinds of different ways. Some walk on legs, others roll on wheels, and some crawl on tracks. At some point though, they'll encounter an obstacle and the RCTR from Israel's Ben Gurion University tackles this by rising up and trundling on over.Continue ReadingCategory: Robotics, TechnologyTags: Flexible, Robot, Ben-Gurion University, Prototype, Tracked Vehicles
A couple of years ago, we heard about a robotic device that was designed to draw blood samples. And while it had only been tested on artificial arms at the time, it's now been successfully trialled on real live humans.
Getting rid of excess heat from a robot can be the difference between smooth operation and breakdown. Researchers at Cornell University have developed 3D-printed robot fingers that can regulate temperature by sweating.
While underwater remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) certainly are useful, manually controlling the things via a console can be quite a painstaking task. That's why researchers have now enabled one to autonomously gather samples from the ocean floor.
After a successful Kickstarter last year, Robosen Robotics has launched the T9, a robot that transforms into a vehicle through voice commands or via an app.
Trifo's new Lucy robot vacuum is a clever little gadget that combines home cleaning with autonomous security patrolling thanks to its 1080p, high dynamic range camera and AI-enabled autonomous operation.
A couple of years ago VW showed an all-in-one mobile robot concept that could autonomously charge EVs by bringing its integrated battery pack to the vehicle. Now there's an updated version that is able to tend to multiple vehicles at once. is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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