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We've seen Ford's Transit Connect van take many forms over the years, from converters crafting pop-top campers to others building mobile offices. This time around Welsh tuning firm MS-RT has put its rally racing leanings to work on the vehicle's inside and out for a run of performance-inspired panel vans that are likely to turn a few heads... Continue Reading MS-RT puts Ford's Transit
While many kids do like pushing grocery carts, they can get kind of over-enthusiastic about it, and often run into things as a result. It was with this supermarket hazard in mind that Ford recently created the one-off Self-Braking Trolley... Continue Reading Ford puts the brakes on outta-control shopping carts Category: Good Thinking Tags: Collision Driver Assistance Ford
There are many e-bikes available, some with batteries attached to the frame, some housed within the tube. Sweden's Elbi Cycles has launched a belt-drive electric bike on Indiegogo where the removable battery pack is stowed at the bottom of the front cargo basket... Continue Reading Elbi e-bike puts the battery in the cargo basket Category: Bicycles Tags: Bicycle Electric Bicycl
Starting in early June, GMC will begin offering carbon fiber truck beds for its Sierra line of pickups. The Sierra CarbonPro will be offered with the Denali and AT4 half-ton pickups. This is the first purpose-built production carbon fiber truck bed and GMC developed a carbon fiber composite specifically for it... Continue Reading GMC puts carbon fiber to work in its truck beds Category: A
Wind River Tiny Homes recently completed a tiny house for a couple in Virginia with a nice 100 acre (40 hectare) plot of land. To make the most of the choice location, the firm installed carefully placed windows – including in the shower – putting the focus firmly on the view outside. .. Continue Reading Lupine tiny house puts the focus on the view Category: Tiny Houses Tags:
Lubricating your bike's chain can be a messy and wasteful business, as excess oil drips off the chain and onto the ground. German startup The Outsider Team is out to do something about it, though, with its Flectr Lubri Disc... Continue Reading Lubri Disc puts a new spin on chain lubrication Category: Bicycles Tags: Kickstarter Oil
Knife-maker SOG offers multitools of all shapes and sizes, but its latest keychain-ready implement certainly comes in at the more compact end of the scale. Designed to dangle from your keys or tuck neatly into a pocket, the Snippet strips down the typical multitool to the bare essentials and earns its name by putting the scissors in the spotlight. .. Continue Reading SOG's Snippet multitoo
Revealed at the Embedded World expo in Nuremberg, Germany, last week, the BeagleBone AI has been developed to fill the gap between small single board computers and bigger, more powerful industrial computers... Continue Reading BeagleBone AI puts devs in the machine learning fast lane Category: Computers Tags: Artificial Intelligence Computers Mini-PC
An international team of scientists is reporting the "functional cure" of an HIV patient for only the second time ever. Known only as "the London patient," the man received a transplant of bone marrow stem cells from a donor that had a resistance to the virus. The patient has now been in remission for 18 months, with no sign of the HIV-1 virus in his bloodstream. But as exciting as the new
If you're a winter cyclist, then you'll know how off-putting it can be to press your butt down onto an ice-cold saddle. Slovenian inventor Drago Beravs is out to remedy that situation, with his heated Sweet Saddle... Continue Reading Heated saddle puts cyclists in the hot seat Category: Bicycles Tags: Cycling Heating Kickstarter is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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