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A large clinical trial is moving ahead at more than 40 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand exploring the efficacy of an exciting new blood test designed to help doctors determine whether a patient needs to undergo chemotherapy following surgery to remove cancerous tumors... Continue Reading Cancer blood test trial hoping to help patients avoid unnecessary chemotherapy Category: Science
Dutch and Japanese scientists have developed an inexpensive new paper-based blood test kit that quickly determines if patients have infectious diseases. Among other things, it could be of great help to clinicians in developing nations who don't have access to traditional lab equipment... Continue Reading Paper blood test glows blue if disease is present Category: Science Tags:
Name: OMRON  EVOLV Type: Automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor Specs: Click here for full specs Price: £129.99 Founded in the 1940s, Japanese company OMRON has been in the medical […] The post REVIEW: OMRON EVOLV blood pressure monitor £129 appeared first on ShinyShiny.
It's no secret that not getting enough sleep can cause a person to be a drowsy, dangerous driver. What's difficult, however, is being able to objectively determine whether or not a driver is sleep-deprived. Soon, a blood test could provide the answer... Continue Reading Simple blood test could detect drowsy drivers Category: Science Tags: Driving Road Safety
Earlier this year, we heard how scientists from the University of California San Diego had developed a flexible ultrasound patch that allows users to see the inner structure of irregular-shaped objects. Well, now they've made one that measures a patient's blood pressure from deep within the body... Continue Reading Ultrasound patch goes deep to better-monitor blood pressure Category: Medi
We all know that our body has an "internal clock" which determines when various daily biological processes take place. Problems can occur, however, if that clock is out of sync with the actual time of day. A simple new blood test can reportedly determine if that's the case, so that the situation can be addressed... Continue Reading New blood test determines if people's internal clocks are
Suppressed activity of small molecules called microRNA has been linked to the onset of blood-borne cancers. This is because they target other RNA molecules and stop them coding for certain proteins, with their impairment previously been linked to the formation of tumors and metastasis. Scientists in Australia have now made a breakthrough they say will allow them to detect low microRNA leve
The developer is incentivizing the program by offering players who sign up for their first Sanquin appointment a unique 'Blood Moon Thresh' skin. ...
For several decades researchers have been working to find an effective way to convert one blood type into another. Type O blood, often considered the universal blood type, is most useful in emergency situations, and new research presented at the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society has revealed that an enzyme produced by gut bacteria could be the key to safely and
A new study is reporting successful trial results from a new blood pressure treatment that combines low doses of three different currently available hypertension drugs into a single pill. The finding in the newly-published research is hoped to change worldwide guidelines for the optimal way to best treat the millions of people suffering from high blood pressure... Continue Reading Three dr is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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