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We've already seen a robotic device that's capable of inserting intravenous needles in people's arms. Now, researchers from New Jersey's Rutgers University have designed an automated system for drawing and analyzing blood samples, which could potentially increase efficiency and reduce the human error factor in medical settings... Continue Reading Robotic device is made to draw blood Categ
If you have chronic nasal congestion, it could be due to an obstruction caused by the shape of your internal nasal valve. A new device is designed to permanently address the problem, without the need for surgery... Continue Reading Device goes up the nose to permanently improve breathing Category: Medical Tags: Breathing Ohio State University Treatment Rela
A team of researchers at Pennsylvania State University, led by Amanda D. Hanford, has developed a "cloaking device" that works underwater. The new metamaterial shield is able to intercept and bend underwater sound waves, like sonar, around it without scattering them – making it appear as if the cloak and anything within it isn't there at all... Continue Reading Underwater acoustic cloaking
Have you ever went to print an image and found that it looked much different than it did on your computer monitor? Prints being too dark or having slightly "off" colors is a very common issue for photographers. By utilizing color calibration, you can easily sync your different devices and ensure that your images look similar across different monitors and prints. Patrick Hall of Fstoppers shows
How do I change the name of my phone? I get it! We all want our phones to have cool names. It’s no surprise; We want to separate ourselves from the herd. We want our phones to mimic the features of living breathing human beings. Giving names, somehow creates a sentimental connection between the user and a smartphone. […]The post How Do I Change the Name of My Phone? (Wifi,Bluetooth an
While there certainly are wristwatch-style dive computers, many divers prefer something with a larger full-color screen. Unfortunately, such devices can cost over $1,000. A group of South Korean entrepreneurs is out to change that, with an inexpensive device that converts existing smartphones into dive computers... Continue Reading Bluetooth device lets you use your smartphone as a dive co
Whether someone is recovering from a tendon injury, or they have an abnormality that makes walking difficult, it can be useful for their doctor to know how much tension their tendons experience when placed under load. A new non-invasive device is designed to provide that information... Continue Reading Tendon-tapping device could help in the healing Category: Health & Wellbeing Tags:
Did you stumble upon an unfortunate accident and lost your Android device? Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us.  Not all is lost at this point though. There’s still some measures you can take to find lost Android device. Android device manager was created to mirror the effects of Iphone’s “Find my lost IPhone” service. Some people […]The post Find Lost An
Smartphone-based diagnostic devices allow doctors in resource-poor regions to perform tests that would otherwise involve sending samples off to a distant lab. Most such devices, however, can only analyze individual samples. By contrast, a new one can check 96 samples for diseases, all at one time... Continue Reading Diagnostic device uses smartphone to check almost 100 samples at once Cat
According to Boeing, 13 percent of all fatal aircraft accidents happen during takeoff. In some cases, it's because the plane goes off the end of the runway before becoming airborne. A new portable device is designed to keep that from happening... Continue Reading Device designed to keep planes from running out of runway Category: Aircraft Tags: Kaunas University of Technology is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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