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houses are fitted with mirror-less bathrooms and old-fashioned knobs, while gardens and clubhouses aim to encourage socializing and time spent outdoors. The post IKEA is designing homes adjusted for people with dementia appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
In the largest general population study ever conducted investigating the association between atrial fibrillation and dementia, Korean researchers have concluded there to be a significant link between the common heart condition and the onset of neurodegenerative disease... Continue Reading Large study affirms link between onset of dementia and abnormal heart rhythm Category: Science Tags:
A promising new study led by scientists at the University of Cambridge has discovered a common drug used to treat high blood pressure may also be beneficial for a variety of neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson's and dementia. The research has only been verified in animal studies at this time but the scientists are cautiously optimistic it will translate to human subjects... Con
Compelling research, led by a team from the University of California, Santa Barbara, has discovered a drug originally developed as a cancer treatment may be repurposed to target a variety of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's. Despite proving to be ineffective in treating cancer, the new drug has been shown to be safe for humans and early mouse studies suggest it could have p
Daydreaming, or just letting your mind wander off from the current moment occupies our thoughts for a large part of every day. However, a new study has revealed patients suffering from a specific kind of early-onset dementia may have completely lost the ability to do this and seem perpetually "stuck in the moment"... Continue Reading Dementia eliminates the ability to daydream, sufferers a
Building on recent research finding associations between a breakdown in the blood-brain barrier and the onset of cognitive impairment, a new study has homed in on a specific blood-clotting protein that can trigger synaptic damage after leaking into the brain... Continue Reading New hypothesis to explain Alzheimer’s disease and age-related dementia Category: Medical Tags: Alzhe
An exciting new study suggests a single MRI scan can accurately predict whether a person will develop dementia up to three years before any cognitive symptoms are detectable. The prospective diagnostic tool is hoped to be able to better identify at-risk patients so preventative measures can be deployed to slow the onset of neurodegeneration... Continue Reading MRI technique predicts dement
Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have identified a new target in the battle against dementia and age-related cognitive decline – zombie cells. More formally known as senescent cells, these are cells that have stopped dividing but don't die, and tend to accumulate with age. The new research reveals that many pathological signs of neurodegenerative disease can be eliminated by removing these
New research may have finally homed in on the reason why some people are found to have build-ups of toxic Alzheimer's proteins in their brains without subsequent cognitive decline, and the results could lead to a whole new way to battle this devastating disease... Continue Reading Discovery reveals why toxic Alzheimer's plaques don't always lead to dementia Category: Science Tags:
Around two-thirds of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease are women but there has been a surprising lack of research into what could be causing such a stark sex-specific difference in the disease. Several new studies into reproductive history and dementia risk in women have now revealed contradictory results, suggesting pregnancy may have some kind of effect on dementia risk later in is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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