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Overpacking isn't exactly an option for trips into space, even for longer trips like an eventual manned mission to Mars. There isn't enough room to carry a swag of spare parts just in case you need them, and some essential nutrients don't have a long enough shelf life to survive the journey. Now, researchers are recruiting microorganisms to solve both of those problems, by engineering them to
Photographer Andrew Marr produces videos with some of the best landscape shots you'll find. His latest video follows his trip to Iceland, a place particularly famous for its beautiful landscapes. Of course, Iceland is not some unknown place among photographers, which means that there are a lot of amazing images of its most well-known locations. Marr wonders, how can you capture unique images
Screen recording on the iPhone used to be a tricky one. One needs to have a jailbroken device or has to do complicated procedures just to get a recording of the iPhone’s screen. With the introduction of iOS 11, iPhone now allows screen recording on the device without any third-party application. This article will discuss […]The post How to Record iPhone Screen appeared first on Tech-R
Don't get burned!Photography gear is pricey, and buying used is a great way to keep your wallet from getting too thin, but it also comes with quite a few risks. The high price associated with photo gear sometimes attracts unsavory folks disguising themselves as reputable sellers, as a means to part you from your hard earned cash. Thankfully, it's pretty easy to avoid this from happening.I've been
"If you don't do real-name verification for your new accounts, the system has no way to know how old you are, so there won't be any limits." ...
This week offers a mix of inspiration, clarity, purpose … and some good, old-fashioned results-oriented copywriting. On Monday, I shared some of the practical, repeatable steps you can use to create an online course that people actually want to buy. (That’s a fun thing to do, by the way, and I totally recommend it.) Brian Read More...The post How to Create (and Sell) Products People A
A case study of an indie studio. Using its own engine technology, the tiny team at Vector Unit has released 8 titles across nine platforms in the last ten years. ...
To be able to connect to the internet without mobile data, you need to turn on iPhone Wi-Fi. Turning on an iPhone’s Wi-Fi automatically connects you to available networks that you have already connected to before. There are two methods to activate your iPhone Wi-Fi. Both approaches will be discussed in this article. Method1: Turn […]The post How to Turn On iPhone Wi-Fi appeared first
Although car manufacturers are embracing alternative power sources, they haven't given up on internal combustion just yet. Along with a push towards downsized turbo power, some of the smartest engineers in the world are using new techniques to make their engines more efficient and powerful. Here are a few of the most interesting modern takes on the internal combustion engine...Continue Readin
The Apple ID is your ticket to all the services being offered by iPhone. Some people use the terms iCloud account, Facetime account, Apple account, and other similar terms. All of these accounts refer to the Apple ID. If you sign in with your Apple ID on iPhone, you get to enjoy all of Apple’s […]The post How to Sign In With Your Apple ID on iPhone appeared first on Tech-Recipes: A Co is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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