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If part of your trip to and from the office involves popping on a train or bus, a folding ebike can help make the remainder of the commute a lot less sweaty than a motorless ride. The C1 from startup Wowcat aims to get you there in style too.Continue ReadingCategory: Bicycles, TransportTags: Indiegogo, ebikes, Folding, Carbon Fiber
With a mission to create a "dream electric bike that ensure good looks, functionality and safety," Hong Kong's Zectron Bikes has launched a funky looking folding ride that can be had with dual batteries for up to 150 miles of pedal-assist riding, or around half the range on throttle only, and folds down for between-ride transport in two quick steps.Continue ReadingCategory: Bicycles, TransportTag
EV maker Lucid Motors turned a few heads with the introduction of its Air sedan and its industry-leading range figures, and now it's rolling out some accessories to go with it. Included in the range is the company’s first at-home wall charger, which it says is capable of adding 80 miles (128 km) of range every hour.Continue ReadingCategory: Automotive, TransportTags: Lucid Motors, Electric Vehicl
After revealing its flagship EQS electric SUV earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz has revealed the mid-tier EQE SUV. A more adventurous multipurpose answer to the EQE sedan, the new E-SUV offers up to 342 miles (550 km) of range managed by an EV-specific navigation system. Those looking for a little extra power and driving thrill can slide into the 677-hp EQE AMG that pushes off from 0 to 60 mph (96
Well before electric camper vans and PHEV VW pop-tops started arriving with some regularity, Scotland's Campervan Co was busy trailblazing the hybrid RV market with some of the Western world's most efficient, eco-friendly mini-camper vans. This week, it launched its latest model, the new-generation Eco Pioneer II. Based on a second-gen Toyota Alphard Hybrid van, the Pioneer II gives drivers up to
Californian e-mobility company Blix has followed the launch of its most capable and versatile ebike to date with a compact utility bike called the Dubbel that's designed to "move multiple passengers, cargo and pets – anywhere and anytime."Continue ReadingCategory: Bicycles, TransportTags: ebikes, cargo bike, Utility vehicles
Some of the best snowboarding, mountain biking and hiking trips take place not in fancy five-star spa hotels but in the most basic hostels, cabins and yurts, barebones accommodations that encourage travelers to spend more time doing what they came for, less time soaking up luxury in the hotel. It's that type of simple, focused trip that guides the design of the new Hippie Caviar Motel concept tha
Californian ebike maker Addmotor has updated its best-selling fat-tire e-trike for 2023. The M-340 offers an easy access step-through frame, comes with pedal-assist and throttle courtesy of a Bafang front-hub motor and has enough battery for 85 miles of per-charge riding.Continue ReadingCategory: Urban Transport, TransportTags: ebikes, cargo bike, Tricycle, Trike
The Meyers Manx — a legend born atop another legend. Few vehicles have achieved international fame in such a short period on Earth as the Manx, which counted speed records, international racing wins and movie stardom among its achievements in less than a decade of first life. Both Meyers Manx itself and Volkswagen have flirted with the idea of an all-electric Manx for the 21st century, but it too
Electric micromobility company Okai has added an all-terrain fat-tire model to its growing range of capable-looking, Bafang-powered ebikes. The Class 2 Ranger offers 45 miles of riding range, comes with funky app-controlled ambient lighting and is priced at under $2,000.Continue ReadingCategory: Bicycles, TransportTags: ebikes, Off-road, Last-mile transport, Pedal-assisted is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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