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With a lineup of titanium pocket tools and pens, Tennessee's Big Idea Design has established a name for itself in small, lightweight everyday carry (EDC). Its new Bit Bar Inline shrinks and lightens that EDC even more, giving carriers Phillips, Torx and slotted bits inside a sturdy all-metal driver that should easily fit in the small fifth pocket of a pair of Levi's jeans.Continue ReadingCategory
Lots of people love multitools, even though they usually ending up paying for and lugging around tool bits they don't need. The Goat Tools multitool is designed to address that shortcoming, as users can add or remove its tools – customizing it to their purposes.Continue ReadingCategory: Good Thinking, LifestyleTags: Multitools, Modular, Kickstarter
Knife-maker SOG has teamed up with smartphone accessory specialist PopSockets to develop a pop-out grip for handsets that packs quite a punch in terms of versatility. The attachment serves the same purpose as PopSockets' popular PopGrips by offering user's something extra to hold onto, but holds a five-in-one multitool should they need to pop open a bottle or turn a screw.Continue ReadingCategory
Startup Keytool is stepping into the world of everyday carry with the belief your keyset can do much more than open your front door, offering an eponymous multitool with an impressive suite of functions. The Keytool multitool is far from the first keychain multitool we've looked at, but does come in a neat and elegant package with a couple of handy tricks up its sleeve.Continue ReadingCategory: O
built with several unique features, the canoo pickup truck aims to help customers do more with their vehicles. The post canoo unveils an all-electric, multi-tool pickup truck appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
For multi-tool makers and everyday carry aficionados, the wallet-friendly form factor of a credit card has a strong appeal. The M.020 Camping Tool Card is another interesting example of this, squeezing a number of campsite-oriented functions into a package that will be right at home in your pocket.Continue ReadingCategory: Outdoors, LifestyleTags: Camping, Multitools, Everyday Carry
More and more camper brands have realized that many customers don't want a big, ugly RV rotting away in their driveways for 3/4 of the year. They'd much rather have a small multipurpose vehicle to use every day of the year, including as a camper. Not long after similar product debuts like the Crosscamp Lite and VanTourer Urban, German motorhome manufacturer Bürstner launches its own take on the m
After finding success with the original Claw in 2018, selling over 100,000 of what creators Malboro & Cane claimed may be the world's smallest multitool, the team has taken on board customer feedback and gone bigger and better with its latest everyday carry (EDC) offering, the Claw 2.0.Continue ReadingCategory: Outdoors, LifestyleTags: Multitools, Everyday Carry, New Atlas Audio
After completing its third successful Kickstarter, Band Industries started shipping the Roadie 3 – a kind of electronic multi-tool for string pickers – out to backers in November 2020. As with the previous generations, we got sent one to try.Continue ReadingCategory: Music, TechnologyTags: Reviews, Guitar, alternate tuning, Tuner, Ukulele
One of America's greatest overlanding motor vehicles has transformed into its latest overlanding camping trailer. The Toyota Tacoma is the choice of off-road and overland enthusiasts around the country and has served as the basis of countless camper trucks and ultralight pickup camper designs over the years. The latest overlanding Tacoma is quite different from the usual: it doesn't have an engin is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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