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One of the problems with our ongoing shift toward renewable energy relates to the way we store it, with today's metal-laden lithium batteries currently serving us well but carrying sustainability issues of their own. Scientists are investigating alternative, more eco-friendly chemistries, and a team at Texas A&M University has just put forward an interesting candidate, demonstrating a metal-free
Some owners of DJI's Mini 2 drone have been reporting issues with the batteries – primarily a discharge problem if they're left in the charging hub or drone. While there isn't any inherent danger, the issue can be a costly one as users will need to replace Mini 2 Intelligent Flight batteries, which retail for $55 USD, more often. The following statement, promising a firmware update, was released
In the ongoing search for materials for new and improved batteries, sodium as a cheap and widely abundant option ticks some important boxes, but bringing these experimental designs up to speed is far from a straightforward undertaking. A new design out of Washington University in St Louis demonstrates a promising path forward, by having a thin layer of copper fulfill the role of one of the electr
the E-pilen offers a vision of husqvarna motorcycle's idea of electric urban mobility in the future.  The post husqvarna motorcycles unveils e-pilen electric concept bike with swappable battery pack appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Gimbal manufacturer Gudsen has updated its Moza Slypod electronic monopod, adding a longer extension, faster motion and better battery life. The Moza Slypod Pro is essentially a motor-driven monopod that allows videographers to create smooth slider and jib-style camera movements using automatically extending telescopic tubes.The Slypod Pro can be controlled via the Moza App to extend the telescop
A key part of driving the adoption of renewable energy is driving costs downward, and by experimenting with new cost-effective materials for storage systems scientists continue to make important strides in this area. A team from Cornell University has put forward a compelling example of what this progress can look like, fashioning a 3D electrode out of low-cost aluminum for an environmentally fri
When it comes to alternative battery architectures, designs that replace the conventional graphite material in one of the electrodes with high-density lithium metal are seen as hugely promising. An MIT team has developed a new electrolyte solution that can accommodate this chemistry and solve one of the key problems holding the technology back, paving the way for electric cars and mobile devices
From electric planes that can only fly for so long to electric cars that need to pull over for a recharge every few hundred miles, heavy, bulky batteries are a huge, limiting factor in how far these types of vehicles can travel. Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology have been exploring an interesting alternative to these conventional energy storage solutions and are claiming a big break
One of the many potential pathways that could lead us to next-gen energy storage for smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles is the use of a solid-state electrolyte, in place of the liquid electrolytes used in today's lithium batteries. A research team in the US has developed a prototype version of these solid-state batteries that overcomes some of the key roadblocks in this area, demonstratin
Though the vast majority of cars on the road today run on fossil fuels, that's likely to change in the coming years – as more and more vehicle manufacturers commit to going electric. Startup Ample has come out of R&D stealth mode to help move things along with the launch of an automated battery swap solution for electric vehicles, which makes use of modular battery packs that can be retrofitted t is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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