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Up until now, California trailer builder Polydrops has been focused on building some of the lightest, most geometrical RVs out there. But the type of young, adventurous camping enthusiasts limber enough to squeeze themselves into an ultralight teardrop eventually grow up, have a family and sell the teardrop. Polydrops is now growing with them via the all-new P21, its largest trailer yet ... by a
For years, Land Ark RV has been creating towable shelters that blur the line between tiny home and camping trailer. With the all-new Travel Trailer, it makes a purposeful step over to the latter side, designing a one-of-a-kind geometric space that encourages rootless travelers to homestead the wild for as long as they'd like. It combines a multifunctional, efficiency apartment-like layout with a
Often either cold, spartan towable garages with fold-down furnishings of questionable comfort, or fully outfitted campers with bikes shoved up against the sofa, toy-hauler campers usually flash a spotlight on the compromises of two-in-one design. The new Karoo Adventure camper looks to minimize those compromises, serving as a dual-purpose towable with a completely empty floor for carrying gear an
We've already seen the unique spin Australia's BRS Offroad was able to put on the teardrop trailer, and more recently, it's further honed its craft on a larger, blacked-out stealth machine that disappears into the nighttime landscape like an international dark sky park. The new Pursuit Carbon doesn't just look cool in the parking lot and not-there after dark, though, it bushwhacks through nature'
We've looked at several rugged, expanding camping trailers from Australia's Offline Campers over the years, and now the builder is preparing a flagship. Still built tough enough for anything the Outback can throw at it, the new Solitaire carries over the Domino's jaw-like expandable design, this time making room for a full ensuite bathroom alongside its interior cafe lounge, kitchen and bedroom.C
A tiny, towable nugget ready to explore the natural world behind a passenger car, ATV or snowmobile, the versatile Genimax HR is an affordable tent-top camper built for four seasons of adventure hunting. The pint-sized base-camp-in-a-box unfurls into a small but capable living space with kitchen, bed, shower and solarized off-grid electrical power. When the cold, stormy Canadian winter sets in, t
In a world of seven-figure ultra-luxury RVs and monster truck motorhomes, vehicle camping has started to feel less like getting away from it all, more like bringing it all with you. Sometimes, you just want a simple shelter around your head while spending a night or two enjoying a reconnection with nature. And maybe shoehorning yourself into a Tesla or retreating to a lumpy, flappy ground tent is
Setting out with the goal of turning a humble storage box-on-wheels into the most luxurious live-in cargo trailer ever made, Salt Lake City camper equipment builder Tetravan has created a clean, modern caravan loaded with space-optimizing transformable components. The dual-axle towable features a split kitchen that doubles as a mobile office, bedding for three people, a stowaway shower, and warm
Long before camping in desolate, off-grid extremes in a tiny trailer was a viral media sensation, SylvanSport formed to create what remains one of the market's simplest, most unique tiny trailer options. The company turns 20 this year, and to give its still-original gear-hauler camping trailer a proper celebration, it has rolled out a burly off-road variant. Beyond just downright evil black-out a
A different kind of teardrop-inspired trailer for a different kind of outdoor mission, the new IcePro trailer is a versatile toy hauler and ice hut ready to brave the coldest, iciest conditions North America can hurl its way. Whether you use your chained-tire ATV to tow it or use the IcePro to carry the ATV, the fully winterized fiberglass trailer makes a comfortable ice fishing hut. Simply drop is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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