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Researchers at Indiana University have linked a protein secreted by the stomach to obesity. In tests in mice, the team switched off the protein and found that it reduced the animals’ body fat levels, even when fed a high-fat diet.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Cancer, Protein, Indiana University, Gut Bacteria, Microbes, Microbiome, Health
Scientists at Purdue University and the Scripps Research Institute have identified a natural compound from a common shrub that could help fight cancer. The compound is the first found to inhibit a cancer protein that was previously considered “undruggable.”Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Cancer, Drug, Drugs, Purdue University, Scripps Research Institute
More and more, insect protein is being suggested as a more sustainable alternative to meat. Humans aren't the only omnivores, though, which is why a new insect-based cat food should soon be hitting the market – and it won't be the only one.Continue ReadingCategory: Environment, ScienceTags: Insect, Cats, Sustainable, Food, Pets, Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Organ transplants save lives, but complications can arise if the recipient’s immune system rejects the foreign cells. An emerging technique reduces that risk by stripping the donor cells out of the donor organ and replacing them with the recipient’s own, and now a new study has added an extra step to make that process more effective.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Organ donation,
The brewing of beer produces great quantities of leftover grain, which often ends up being processed into cattle feed. Scientists have developed a new method of extracting the protein and fiber from that waste, however, for use by humans.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: American Chemical Society, Virginia Tech, Beer, Waste, Recycling, Brewing, Protein, Fiber, Biofuel
Although muscle stem cells are able to grow and repair torn muscle tissue after we sustain an injury, they become less effective as we age. Now researchers at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University have discovered a novel protein that can trigger the proliferation of these stem cells and promote healing, offering hope not only to those who have torn a muscle, but also
Researchers in Australia and China have shed new light on the murky origins of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, which could eventually lead to new treatments. The team uncovered a mechanism for how toxic tangles of tau proteins leak into healthy brain cells.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Alzheimer's Disease, Brain, Neuroscience, University of Queensland, China, A
In a new study, German scientists have restored the ability to walk in mice that had been paralyzed after a complete spinal cord injury. The team created a “designer” signaling protein and injected it into the animals’ brains, stimulating their nerve cells to regenerate and share the recipe to make the protein.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Paralysis, Spinal, Neuroscience, Ruhr U
Neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s are characterized by clumps of misfolded proteins accumulating and killing brain cells. Now, researchers at Johns Hopkins have developed an artificial enzyme that may stop these clumps from spreading, providing a new potential treatment for Parkinson’s.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Parkinson's Disease, Neuroscience, Protein, Enzym
Scientists studying the mechanisms behind cellular stress and its effects on aging have found success in reversing cognitive decline in mice using an experimental drug. The findings not only bode well for further study of aging and its effects in human subjects, but sheds light on a growing list of conditions thought to be spurred on by chronic stress of this type.Continue ReadingCategory: Medica is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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