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On the surface, this looks like an ordinary class 3 electric delivery van – one with a crazy-low floor, extra-large cargo space and gratuitous rear-wheel steering. But its entire drivetrain, suspension and steering systems live in the wheel arches.Continue ReadingCategory: Automotive, TransportTags: REE, Electric Vehicles, Van, Electric truck, Modular

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Engineers at MIT have developed a new type of artificial synapse that’s extremely energy efficient and ultra-fast, processing data a million times faster than synapses in the human brain. The key is an analog design that shuttles protons around instead of electrons.Continue ReadingCategory: Computers, TechnologyTags: Electronic, Ions, Artificial, Neural Network, MIT, Computer, Computers
Wearable electronics could soon be powered by dead microbes. New research out of UMass Amherst has demonstrated a biofilm that generates electricity from sweat, harnessing the corpses of dead bacteria – and it's at least as effective as a battery.Continue ReadingCategory: Energy, ScienceTags: Biofilm, Wearable, wearable electronics, University of Massachusetts
With real uncertainty clouding the world's supply of lithium, alternative battery chemistries will be crucial as we continue our uptake of electric vehicles and mobile devices. One exciting candidate in this space is sodium-ion, and a research team in Russia has developed a novel battery of this ilk that boasts some impressive energy density, and may also be resistant to low temperatures.Continue
It's been a while since Roland-owned V-Moda updated its stylish Crossfade Wireless headphones, but now the series has a new flagship – with the company promising that an improved sound and a longer battery life will add up to "the most immersive club experience ever."Continue ReadingCategory: Wearables, TechnologyTags: Headphones, Wireless, Bluetooth, High-resolution

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