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Photographer Michael Shainblum is has shared multiple videos and tutorials about landscape photography and in two recent uploads, he juxtaposes what can be done with two different perspectives — wide-angle versus telephoto — in a very familiar environment.In the first video above, Shainblum wanted to first and foremost encourage photographers to explore their local environments and be
Ensuring players can follow the action is critical to turn-based strategy, and in Gears Tactics AI helps make that happen. ...
A recent story in Architectural Digest tells the story of how an artist used a little social engineering to capture photographs of some of New York City’s most exclusive and expensive pieces of real estate by claiming to be an incredibly wealthy European socialite.According to AD’s reporting, Hungarian artist Andi Shmied took on the false identity of ‘Gabriella,’ a European socialite in search of
As a creative director, photographer, and self-proclaimed content evangelist whose lifelong dream is to travel to space, I was left scratching my head when the pandemic hit. A New ChallengeAs I primarily worked on-location in places like London, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janiero, the pandemic forced that to come to a screeching halt. How would I continue my photography and film work as I knew it? And
We speak with developer behind monster-battling games Temtem, Coromon, and Monster Sanctuary about Pokemon's enduring influence and how their games approach monster combat design. ...
A few days ago, two Texan men, aged 59 and 69, died in a bizarre road accident when their car, a 2019 Tesla Model S, ran off the road at high speed in a curve, hit a tree, and burst into a fireball that took four hours to fully extinguish. The shocking part, according to investigators, was that nobody was in the driver's seat when the car lost control.Continue ReadingCategory: Automotive, Transpo
twinmotion's interface has been designed to enable architects, designers, and students of all levels to create high-quality 3D images. The post how the creators of fortnite are revolutionizing the communication of un-built projects appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Aloha, and welcome back to my astrophotography tutorial write-ups. I wrote an article last month on the basics of photographing the Milky Way core season. Today I am going to continue this series and tell you about a game-changing technique that you have probably may have already heard about: image stacking.The idea is to take several images over time out in the field and then use processing soft
When Adobe first unveiled Super Resolution, it gave photos a chance to increase in size without losing any quality, but it wasn’t clear whether that kind of magic extended to the trove of images on people’s smartphones.The short answer is that Adobe admits it optimized and designed Super Resolution with RAW files in mind, but also “trained” it to deal with already rendered files, including those
To many photographers, getting your work printed in a magazine is the holy grail, especially if you manage to make the front cover. Sure, posting on Instagram or Facebook is great but actually seeing your work in print… to me, there is no better feeling. While this video is aimed specifically at automotive photography, the lessons and tips here I believe also apply to all disciplines. I kno is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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