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Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered a blood biomarker that signals the presence of myocarditis. It's hoped the discovery will lead to a rapid blood test to catch this deadly and difficult-to-diagnose inflammatory heart condition.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Blood, Diagnosis, Inflammatory, Heart Disease, Queen Mary University of London
Designer Ony Yan has created a two-part system that can be installed in single-person households to notify neighbours in the event of their death, and was designed to "encourage a community to look after each other". Read more
The James Webb Space Telescope has clearly detected carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of an exoplanet for the first time. The find marks a milestone for the telescope’s goal of analyzing distant planets, which could eventually help discover signs of extraterrestrial life.Continue ReadingCategory: Space, ScienceTags: James Webb Space Telescope, JWST, Planet, Exoplanet, Gas Giant, Atmosphere, Carbon
A compelling new study indicates Parkinson’s disease (PD) could be diagnosed by remotely tracking a person’s breathing patterns. Led by researchers from MIT, the study presents an AI system that uses radio waves to monitor breathing while a person sleeps.Continue ReadingCategory: Health & Wellbeing, LifestyleTags: Parkinson's Disease, Diagnosis, Sleeping, Sleep, Breathing, Artificial Int
What if a fitness tracker sitting on your wrist could detect COVID-19 before you even developed symptoms? An impressive new study claims this is not only possible, but preliminary investigations found infections can be detected nearly 48 hours before symptoms appear.Continue ReadingCategory: Health & Wellbeing, LifestyleTags: Coronavirus (COVID-19), Virus, Influenza, Wearable, McMaster Univer
Our first encounter with extraterrestrial life isn’t likely to be a spaceship landing on the White House lawn, but tiny fossils in the rocks of another planet. To aid in that search, scientists at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa have developed a portable device called the Biofinder that can highlight organic residue in fossils tens of millions of years old.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags:
Scientists at Brown University have developed a new material that can release drugs only when pathogenic bacteria are around. When used as a bandage, the hydrogel could deliver medication on-demand when infection begins to take hold.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Bacteria, Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Wound, Dressings, Hydrogels, Drug, Drugs, Drug delivery, Brown University
A new algorithm developed by researchers at the Mayo Clinic can effectively detect patients with a dangerous heart dysfunction using data gathered by an Apple Watch. A large trial is now underway looking to test the clinical utility of the algorithm in one million people.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Mayo Clinic, Heart Disease, ECG, Smartwatch, Apple Watch, Wearable, Diagnostic
designed for the indoors, the 'bird' monitor returns to an upright position once air quality improves. The post this bird-shaped air monitor detects high CO2 levels by dropping ‘dead’ appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
NASA’s InSight lander has recorded the two strongest quakes detected so far on Mars, with both measuring over magnitude 4. These seismic events rolled in from the far side of the Red Planet, and one also clocked the record for longest marsquake.Continue ReadingCategory: Space, ScienceTags: Mars, InSight, Earthquake, Seismic, NASA is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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