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Perovskite is poised to become a major material for solar cells, but before then it needs to overcome a major durability issue. Engineers at Princeton have unveiled a new perovskite solar cell design that tests suggest could last as long as 30 years of real-world use.Continue ReadingCategory: Energy, ScienceTags: Solar Cell, Renewable Energy, Solar Power, Perovskite, Princeton University, Environ
Solar cells are an increasingly important source of renewable energy, but there’s still room for improvement. Stanford engineers have now developed a pyramid-shaped lens that can focus sunlight from any angle onto a solar cell, keeping it collecting power from sunrise to sunset.Continue ReadingCategory: Energy, ScienceTags: Renewable Energy, Solar Cell, Solar Power, Light, Stanford University
Having introduced a series of battery-electric trucks over the past few years, Volvo Trucks is now expanding on its vision of a cleaner trucking future with a foray into hydrogen fuel cell powertrains. The company announced this week that it has begun putting these next-generation big rigs through their paces, with a view to introducing them to the market later this decade.Continue ReadingCategor
Microbubbles and ultrasound might seem like an odd couple, but recently we've seen these two forces combine to great effect in the world of medicine. A newly developed treatment makes use of these tools to deliver immunotherapy drugs with great potency, significantly reducing tumor growth in mouse models of breast cancer.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Breast cancer, Cancer, Unive
Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have broken the world record for solar cell efficiency. Reaching almost 40 percent, the new device boasts the highest efficiency recorded for any type of solar cell in real-world conditions.Continue ReadingCategory: Energy, ScienceTags: Solar Cell, Solar Power, Electricity, NREL, Renewable Energy, Efficiency, World's Most Efficie
In a world first, a team at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has demonstrated measurable power generation from "the inverse of a conventional solar cell." It could eventually produce around one tenth as much power as a solar panel – but at night.Continue ReadingCategory: Energy, ScienceTags: Solar Cell, Alternative Energy, Clean Energy, University of New South Wales, thermalphotovoltaic
Uncontrolled inflammation in the human body can drive a variety of serious health conditions, including cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, so discoveries around how it works can benefit the field of medicine in wide-ranging ways. A new example of this illuminates the key role a certain enzyme plays in the process, and how it uses a type of "sugar tag" to prevent excessive death of healthy cells.Con
One of the ways scientists hope to lighten the burden of living with type 1 diabetes is through transplantations of cells that produce insulin, shoring up supplies of the vital hormone and safely regulating blood-sugar levels into the future. Rejection of these cells by the host's immune system is a serious stumbling block for this still-experimental therapy, but new bead-like materials offer new
Stem cell therapies are showing huge promise in a lot of areas, but one application that has scientists particularly excited is in next-generation treatments for Parkinson's disease. A team experimenting in this area has demonstrated how implanting carefully cultivated stem cells into rats can bring about remarkable recovery from motor symptoms typical of the disease, and are now setting their si
Powering medical implants can be tricky, but tapping into the body’s own fuel source could keep them going long-term. A new design for a tiny fuel cell converts glucose into electricity to power implants more efficiently than any other so far.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: Energy, Implant, Fuel Cell, Glucose, MIT, Technical University Munich is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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