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German company Owomo is looking to simplify the build-your-own camper/base camp process with a series of plywood panels that serve as lids for the common gray Eurobox. The panels and accompanying accessories interconnect like puzzle pieces, creating basic furniture such as beds, tables and lounge chairs. With a few Euroboxes and a few hundred euros' worth of Owomo panels, you can create a modular
To meet the demand for a pickup truck shell built to hold all the provisions of modern adventure – platform racks, rooftop tents, standup paddleboards, bicycles and more – LTA Manufacturing has launched the new Venturous brand. The company sets its Ozark pickup cap apart from traditional composite toppers by leaving behind the standard open-mold construction for a superior "PolyFuse" injection-mo
Consumer tech multinational Xiaomi revealed a nifty battery-powered camping lantern in China back in March, with a mini lamp and torch module that could be popped out of its head. Now the 2-in-1 has been released globally.Continue ReadingCategory: Outdoors, LifestyleTags: Camping, Lighting, Xiaomi
A new camping option that seeks to bring the worlds of truck camping, tent camping and boat camping into perfect harmony, the "Best Truck Tent" from California's Life Cube Inc. is a tent like no other. It travels to the night's destination in the trunk of the vehicle, inflating into a standing height six-sleeper micro-cabin on the back of a pickup truck. For those without a truck or with an avers
Unveiled nearly five years ago at the first-and-only RVX show, the Vast trailer threw some meat onto SylvanSport's previously skeletal lineup of cargo-mastering camping trailers. Though it looked polished on the show floor, it was still in the early prototype stages. After putting it through more than 50,000 miles of hard-driven testing, SylvanSport has officially launched the production Vast. Ev
German camper innovator VanMe recently took a short break from designing stylish camper vans to introduce one of the more modular camping trailers the world over.Continue ReadingCategory: Outdoors, LifestyleTags: Caravan, Trailer, trailers, RV, Outdoors, Camping, Off-road, Modular
There are plenty of 12V pumps out there to inflate air mattresses while car camping, but options get fewer when talking about cordless pumps light enough for backpacking, bikepacking, ski touring and the like. Flextail has made it a company mission to fill this gap with tiny battery-powered pumps compact enough for even the most ultralight of trips. All those efforts have led to the new Zero. It'
versatile x-cabin300 uses aluminum body and has a modular interior that allows the camping trailer to become a food truck. The post aluminum camping trailer with convertible interior can transform into towable food truck appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Thule channels its expertise in hitch carriers and rooftop tents into a new style of vehicle tent aimed at giving car campers the best of both vehicle and ground camping ... with a little trailer-style hitching/unhitching for good measure. The all-new Outset tent hitches up and rides to camp on the back of the car or truck, staying hitched or unloading once there. It sets up on an accompanying st
Many rooftop tents can expand into ground tents with add-on awnings and sidewalls, but the all-new Magic Fort from startup Thecatal reverses the process. This massive inflatable ground tent serves as both a camper and a garage, creating a glamping duplex by housing the car or SUV inside and turning it into the cozy second floor of an expansive base camp. Campers will enjoy several individual room is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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