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While ever-improving battery technology draws a lot of the attention when it comes to improving the range of electric vehicles, these machines feature many moving parts that play a role in their overall performance. By reimagining the way power inverters relay the current from the battery to the electric motor, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration have conju
Amazon's budget Fire HD tablets offer a more affordable alternative to the Apple iPad, and the 10.1-inch models just got a refresh. With brighter screens, a tweaked design and improved specs, they're the best tablets Amazon has put out to date.Continue ReadingCategory: Mobile Technology, TechnologyTags: Amazon, Tablet
If you are partaking in regular bouts of exercise, you can expect to experience a range of benefits, like the burning of excess fat, lower risk of heart trouble and a healthier state of mind. Recently, however, scientific studies have started to shine a light on how regular physical activity can benefit human health in more subtle ways, some of which you might not expect. Let's take a look at som
San Diego's Juiced Bikes has updated the Scorpion half ebike/half moped that was launched in late 2019. The Scorpion X has been treated to a bigger battery, a geared hub motor that can be unlocked for off-road adventures, and both torque and cadence sensors for pedal assist.Continue ReadingCategory: Bicycles, TransportTags: Juiced Bikes, ebikes, Moped, cargo bike, City, Off-road
While they've been around for centuries in various forms and helped heal many a wound in the process, some scientists see a world of possibility when it comes to how sutures might help the human body. A team at McGill University has come up with novel kind of suture that is based on human tendons, which enables it to not only heal wounds more effectively, but possibly even monitor their progress
Over the past decade or so, gains in efficiency have seen perovskite solar cells become a highly promising technology in the realm of renewable energy, quickly coming to match or even outdo the performance of the monocrystalline silicon solar cells widely used today. Holding them back, however, are intrinsic instability issues and a vulnerability to the elements, which has prevented their mainstr
Buyers looking for gadgets that deliver high fidelity audio might keep an eye out for the THX logo as a visual guide to quality assurance, and now the company behind the standard has launched its first consumer device, the Onyx USB DAC/amp.Continue ReadingCategory: Mobile Technology, TechnologyTags: Hi-fi, Audiophile, Audio, Digital music, Portable Audio
Stray Fawn Studio was kind enough to provide us with an annotated version of The Wandering Village's impressive daily Steam wishlist numbers to date - let's analyze. ...
Brits spend the equivalent of nearly 12 years of their lives feeling tired and lacking in energy, relying on caffeine and sugary snacks to get them through the day. A […] The post How to boost your energy as pandemic leaves us exhausted appeared first on ShinyShiny.
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