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Whether you call them beanies, tuques or simply wool hats, a lot of downhill skiers take the risk of wearing the things instead of helmets, as they're so much more comfortable. Well, that's why the ANTI Ordinary A1 was created. It's usually soft and pliable, but hardens to protect the head upon impact... Continue Reading Soft-bodied ski helmet hardens when taking hits Category: Outdoors
Joining the likes of Volvo and Jaguar, Spanish automaker Seat has introduced a safety system that automatically alerts drivers to the presence of cyclists on the road, and then proceeds to apply the brakes. The technology is being debuted on the company's Tarraco SUV... Continue Reading Spanish SUV automatically brakes for bikes Category: Automotive Tags: Cycling Driv
2019 marks 70 years in the high-end audio business for McIntosh Labs, and the New York firm is rolling out a limited edition commemorative system to celebrate. But you don't have to wait until next year to jump in and grab your anniversary edition tube amplifier and preamp, the order books are open now... Continue Reading McIntosh starts 70th birthday party early with commemorative system
2018 has been an interesting year for residential architecture, with advances in technology and the popularity of sustainable building practices resulting in many outstanding homes. After much deliberation, we've narrowed them down to our 10 favorites, including a starchitect-designed luxury house, a 3D-printed mud hut, and a sustainable hobbit hole... Continue Reading 2018's best homes in
In February this year, Samsung revealed a 3D version of the 34 ft Cinema LED screen that was installed in a movie theater in Seoul, South Korea, in 2017. In April the company branded its huge screens Onyx, and now the Capital Cinema in Beijing's Xicheng district has been fitted out with a new 3D-ready Onyx Cinema LED screen – and it's 1.4 times wider than those which have come before... Co
One good McLaren deserves another, and the British supercar company has chosen to celebrate the silly season with a new hardtop convertible version of its gorgeous 720S, capable of giving just about anyone an Einstein hairdo with its 202 mph top-down top speed... Continue Reading McLaren's 720S Spider convertible is ready to give you a 202 mph Einstein hairdo Category: Automotive Tags:
It's has been a pretty great year for games. Five years into this generation and developers are comfortable enough with the hardware to really push the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to their limits, while Nintendo's quirky Switch, not yet two years old, injects its usual fun, fresh take on things. This is the point in the cycle when the real gems usually turn up, and this year that includes n
Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons might be a staple of movies and video games, but they pose a very real threat. With just about every facet of modern society reliant on electronic devices, Sandia National Laboratories has developed a "friendly" EMP generator to make sure military and civilian equipment can withstand such potentially devastating bursts of electromagnetic energy... Conti
Mecanoo, the Dutch architecture firm behind the world's largest performing arts center and the award-winning Library of Birmingham, has added the finishing touches to a stunning new home in Lechlade, UK. As the name might suggest, the Glass Villa on the lake is big on transparency, with its walls largely consisting of panes of glass designed to leave residents with the impression of floati
We've seen quite a few interesting robot designs over the years that allow adventurous machines to negotiate difficult terrain, but few with the distinct style of the Velox robot from New York engineering firm Pliant Energy Systems. Using a novel undulating propulsion system, the bot is able to efficiently glide through the water, over rough land and has recently become adept at the art of is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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