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Winter's not over yet in the Northern Hemisphere and if getting a glimpse of the spectacular Northern Lights is on your bucket list, we may have found the perfect spot. The recently opened Glass Resort at Snowman World in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, hosts a series of glass-roofed cabins, providing the ideal spot to snuggle up and enjoy the night skies and, if you're lucky, the aurora bore
The surface of the Earth is a bumpy place, with terrain made up of smooth ocean floors to jagged mountain peaks and everything in between. But according to a new study, that's nothing compared to the landscapes found deep within the planet. Using data from one of the biggest earthquakes on record, geophysicists have now found massive mountain ranges hundreds of kilometers beneath our feet.
Less is certainly more when it comes to the weight of a sleeping system for hiking adventures, and ever-improving materials along with good ol' fashioned human ingenuity keep opening up new ways to lighten the load. At just over two pounds, the Mantis UL all-in-one hammock tent is certainly at the more manageable end of this spectrum, and promising simple setup and supreme strength, should
It's a sad fact that past the age of about 35, we begin to progressively lose muscle mass. This can be somewhat offset through exercise, although most people still generally tend to get weaker as they get older. A new drug could help, as it's been shown to increase muscle size and strength in elderly mice... Continue Reading Muscle-maintaining drug may help seniors stay spry Category: Hea
When salt is removed from seawater in desalination plants, the byproduct is – not surprisingly – a lot of highly-concentrated salty brine. Ordinarily, this is just dumped back into the sea, which can harm the environment. Thanks to a new treatment process, however, that brine could actually be used to desalinate more water... Continue Reading MIT tech could let desalination plants use thei
In use since at least the 4th century AD, dichroic glass displays different colors depending on how it's being viewed. Now, Dutch scientists have produced the effect in a material that can be used to create 3D-printed objects – and it's not just a novelty, as it could have practical applications... Continue Reading Dichroic 3D-printing material changes color with point of view Category: 3
Some are versatile and some are cheap, but it's not often that elegant multitools from storied toolmakers tick both boxes. The brand new Mullet from Gerber is an implement that packs an impressive array of functions into a keychain-friendly frame, but keeps things simple where it matters to ensure safe everyday carry at a pretty agreeable price tag... Continue Reading Gerber's new 9-in-1 m
We've seen many camper-in-a-box kits over the years – the Swiss Roombox, the Yatoo, various iterations of Ququq, and others. These kits typically offer a kitchen and bed but lack an in-vehicle dining solution, thus fall a little short of a full camper van conversion. The British-designed Campal ForTwo, however, not only has a dining area but also a reclined sofa, filling out some of Europe
Though the BMW Group teased a classic electric Mini at the 2018 New York Auto Show, details were scant and the upcoming battery-electric production model is going to have a modern, rather than retro, look to it. If you're hankering for the iconic Mini aesthetic but want it running on clean, modern tech, the UK's Swindon Powertrain – or Swind – is here to help... Continue Reading Swind elec
As its name suggests, the Allswell Tiny Home was designed by Modern Tiny Living for Wallmart's Allswell mattress and bedding brand. It has a total floorspace of just 238 sq ft (22 sq m) and boasts a relatively spacious and light-filled bedroom that opens up to the outside with garage-style lifting doors. .. Continue Reading Allswell Tiny Home bedroom opens up to the breeze Category: is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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