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Growing human skin in the laboratory has advanced to the point where it's used to create skin grafts for burn victims, but it hasn't been possible to do the same with non-mammals – until now. Scientists led by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have successfully reconstructed the skin of a green sea turtle as part of a study to learn more about a virus infection that threatens the end
The hot dog-shaped Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is undoubtedly one of the most well-known promotional vehicles of all time. There's also a Mini-based WienerMini, along with an even smaller unmanned WienerRover – who knew? Now, in order to promote its new line of wieners, the company is introducing the WienerDrone...Continue Reading Oscar Mayer takes hot dogs to the skies, with the WienerDroneCate
The buildup of dust and grime on solar panels do their efficiencies no good, indeed we've seen some creative maintenance solutions such as using autonomous drones to brush them off. But what role does manmade pollution play in this, including the particles that hang in the air? A new study has found that this is taking a sizable chunk out of the world's solar energy production, with big inves
When you're climbing a hill on a full-suspension mountain bike, you get considerably more pedalling efficiency if you lock out the rear suspension. A lot of riders don't bother, though, especially since they might forget and leave it locked afterwards. That's why the Killswitch was created. It works with the bike's existing dropper seatpost (assuming it's got one) to automatically lock out th
Stringed instruments bowed by a wheel cranked by hand have been around for centuries, and come in many shapes and sizes. Inspired by 16th century instruments, mechanical model maker UGears has created what it's calling the gem of its collection, a self assembly hurdy gurdy kit launched on Kickstarter that should appeal to wooden puzzle fans and musicians alike...Continue Reading UGears launch
We've seen lots of very large tiny houses lately and towable dwellings do seem to be getting steadily larger on the whole, but for those who prefer a tiny house that's, well, tiny, French firm Baluchon's latest model may be of interest. Named the Ostara, it measures just 6 m (19 ft)-long but packs in a surprisingly livable layout. ..Continue Reading Baluchon's Ostara puts the tiny back into t
Thanks to set-top boxes, dongles and so-called smart televisions, big screen entertainment for today's frequent traveler can be served up over the internet, rather than via cable or satellite. Looking for a way to offer smart TV functionality without having to buy into a closed smart TV system, Sweden's InnSpire has developed a teeny Android-powered set-top box that's essentially crammed into
Look past their overt flashiness, and some luxury yachts offer fascinating takes on how to effectively use limited space. With a simple hull design, airy interior and auxiliary solar power system, the Arcadia A85S aims to pack a clean, luxurious floating home into its 85-ft (25.6-m) hull...Continue Reading Arcadia A85S cruises on diesel, floats on solar powerCategory: MarineTags: Phot
In the past, "mind reading" systems have been able to guess what single-digit number a person might be thinking of, but deeper thoughts have been beyond the technology's reach. Now, a team from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has developed a way to accurately read more complex concepts from a brain scan, and even piece together entire sentences...Continue Reading "Mind reading" technology ca
With different plugs, voltages and outputs in different regions around the world, well-traveled globetrotters know the value of a versatile travel adapter. Many are designed with fuses to protect electronics from surges, but replacing them and lugging spares around can be a hassle. To lighten the load, Zendure has announced the Passport, a new travel adapter with an auto-resetting fuse built is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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