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  Guest writer Anthony Main of app development company The Distance picks his favourite fun apps for getting the most out of the Christmas period… With Christmas fast approaching, the […] The post Appy Christmas – 6 Fun Apps to Get You into the Festive Mood appeared first on ShinyShiny.
One of the biggest announcements in the camera industry this year was the Nikon Z Series and its first two cameras, the Z6 and Z7. That’s how the camera models are usually spelled out when you see them across the Interwebs, but did you know that they’re officially the Z 6 and Z 7? Yes, with a space in the middle.If you look at Nikon’s official branding and web pages, as well as
If you need a chuckle today (or a nightmare tonight), there’s a strange new photo project you can check out called Babies With Teeth. As its name suggests, each of the bizarre photos shows an infant with grown-up teeth ‘Photoshopped’ into their tiny mouths.The project is the brainchild of Texas photographer Ashley Evans, and it all started while she was playing around in an app
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is on a mission to explore the Sun’s corona (basically its atmosphere), and the robotic spacecraft recently made the closest-ever approach to a star. NASA just shared a remarkable photo share by Parker: the first photo ever shot from inside the Sun’s corona.“[T]he science data from the first solar encounter is just making its way into the hands of
One of the most viral photos of the past few days has been a side-by-side comparison of two photos that purports to show how photographers covering the Paris protests are misrepresenting the truth."Paris burns" pic.twitter.com/VpG7nAVdhY— Miko Flohr (@mikofLohr) December 9, 2018Perspective matters … pic.twitter.com/BOk7p4z7Ex— Dovey Wan
Emotional support animals are guides which are assigned to an individual suffering from various mental health disorders. They provide comfort, love, and companionship. You can check out various blogs and […] The post 5 Facts about Emotional Support Animals appeared first on ShinyShiny.
Having learned photography in the time of manual analog film cameras, I know digital feels different. And for me, it’s all about the “left and right of photography.”Analog photography is predominantly a left-handed pursuit but digital is predominantly right-handed. The question that begs to be asked is “what influence does this have on creativity?”. Or more importantly, your images?I
For many years, I have been modifying and adapting lighting and camera equipment to better fit my style of shooting. The process of altering lighting gear, as well as combining products that were not originally intended to work together, is of particular importance to me these days, as I constantly mix and match the best from many different brands.I have always loved using ring flashes for close-
Before we get started, it’s essential to understand that astrophotography takes time and practice in order to achieve good results, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t nail it on the first go. When it comes to photographing the night sky there isn’t an exact setting which is going to achieve the same results across the board. This is due to the amount atmospheric light wh
The Denver-based tripod maker Colorado Tripod Company has announced the world’s first hollow titanium ballhead. It’s called the Highline Ballhead Titanium, and it’s designed to be ultra-light, ultra-strong, and ultra-versatile.“Although the process of extracting titanium from its ore is costly, designers consider it valuable enough for specialty applications such as aerosp

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