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Here’s one of the more unusual camera modifications we’ve seen: a Chinese photographer over in the Xitek forums posted photos showing how he removed the electronic viewfinder from his Sony a7 full frame mirrorless camera. As you can see, his camera now looks more like a Sony a6500.The guy, who goes by the name 麦大爷, writes that the viewfinder of the a7 has mixed reviews from photograph
Photographer and programmer Felix Sun has designed an app called Windowed that finally allows you to post images to your Instagram account straight from your computer—no tablet, smartphone, or strange loophole workaround required.Instagram is a great way to build an audience and even earn yourself a commission or two, but the app's mobile-only upload has been a thorn in every professional photogr
Researchers at Facebook and Tel Aviv University in Israel have teamed up to bring your selfies to “life.” Using a single still photo of a person’s face, their new technology is able to animate it and introduce different expressions.The study has developed a technique that will “automatically animate” a still portrait, even a painting, creating various emotions that w
Canadian photographer Troy Moth was on an assignment when a tip from a friend led him to a nearby landfill where bears had been spotted. After arriving and seeing about 7 bears there, Moth was stunned by the sight that he didn’t shoot any photos.After thinking about the bears at the landfill all night, Moth returned the next day and found a bear sitting near the smoke coming from a flaming
Think Photoshop runs slowly on your computer? To make yourself feel better, check out how “fast” basic Photoshop operations were 20 years ago. Here’s a short clip of the Photoshop demo that was given at Macworld Expo in 1997 to show the speed of a new CPU.The comparison pits a top-of-the-line Pentium Pro running at 200Mhz against a new Exponential X704 PowerPC processor running
Google’s new Pixel 2 phones boast the best smartphone camera ever tested by DxOMark. In this 9-minute video by Nat and Friends, learn how Google created this bar-raising camera. The video includes a number of interesting interviews with the Pixel 2 team.Nat wanted to investigate how exactly the smartphone’s camera is so good, considering you have “about the size of a blueberry&#
Two high-profile project cancellations made the headlines this week as Thomas Heatherwick's New York Philharmonic concert hall overhaul and Atelier van Lieshout's controversial sculpture at Musée du Louvre were both dropped. Read more
The new Google Pixel 2 smartphones announced yesterday has a new feature called “Fused Video Stabilization.” The short side-by-side comparison video above shows how effective it is at smoothing out extremely shaky footage.“Watch as the all new Pixel 2 heads up the mountains in India to test out the new Fused Video Stabilization,” Google says. “The left side of the vi
Google has just certified the Insta360 Pro 360-degree 8K camera as the first “Street View Auto Ready” camera, capable of contributing to Street View after being mounted to a car.Insta360 says it has been collaborating closely with Google to ensure a seamless capture and sharing experience between its spherical camera and Google’s popular Street View service.“Devices recogn
the robot is given the ambitious task of finding its scattered legs and restoring itself to its original configuration.The post this self-healing robotic chair falls apart and picks itself back up again in minutes appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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