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Compositing images in post-production can be quite a time-consuming endeavor, and if your subject is shot against a textured background it can often be next to impossible to pull off. Panasonic has created a way around this, at least for anyone who only needs 4K resolution, with a new feature called Sequence Composition, making its debut in the just-announced Panasonic GX9. Using the shooting mod
someone combined the creepiest instrument with the creepiest toyThe post this playable furby organ isn’t creepy (it’s just misunderstood) appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
This week on Dezeen, Elon Musk loaded the maiden flight of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket with his own car and Mexican architect Frida Escobedo was named as the designer of this year's Serpentine Pavilion. Read more
Downsizing to a typical tiny house is a big enough challenge for many people, but to live full-time within the Terraform Three's diminutive dimensions – just 54 sq ft (5 sq m) of floorspace – requires some serious dedication. Still, while it's not for everyone, the owner seems perfectly happy with his pint-sized dwelling. ..Continue Reading This micro-house makes other tiny houses look big
Kodak’s Portra 400 film is praised for its versatility, but exactly how well does it handle underexposure and overexposure? How far can you push things before your photos become unusable? Canadian photographer Kyle McDougall decided to find out by doing his own test.In the 6.5-minute video above, McDougall shoots a roll of Kodak Portra 400 through his Pentax 67 medium format camera, capturi
After reading our recent coverage on Instagrammers hurting an iconic tree in New Zealand just to snap the same photo everyone else has already taken, photographer and videographer Oliver KMIA decided to put together a short video with a single, tongue-in-cheek purpose:I wanted to show how people take the same picture over and over again while traveling.The result is Instatravel, a video slideshow
As part of their ongoing "Spotlight" series, Adorama TV looked at Irish documentary photographer and filmmaker Moira Sweeney's career and work. Sweeney got her start as a child when her mother gifted her a camera for Christmas after Moira expressed an interest in photography and then she branched out into cinema and broadcast documentary work later in life. Her experimental films in particula
Vision Research has announced its latest Phantom high-speed camera, the Phantom v2640. This camera is the fastest 4-megapixel camera ever made, capturing a stagging 6,600 frames per second. Drop the resolution down to 1080p, and you can shoot at a whopping 11,750fps.“The v2640 features very high dynamic range (64 dB) and the lowest noise floor of any Phantom camera (7.2 e-), making it an ex
While traveling in Rome, photographer Oliver KMIA discovered how popular tourist spots were crowded with tourists fighting to shoot their own precious personal photo. He later scoured Instagram and created this 2-minute video, titled “Instravel,” which shows a “photogenic mass tourism experience” and how so many of our travel photos look exactly like other people’s.&
Particularly when shooting RAW images, you need to perform sharpening to your photos during processing to bring out the best in the files. However, you often don't want to sharpen your entire image the same way. For example, you typically want to sharpen the in-focus portion of your image but not the background or the sky. There many methods for selective sharpening and Nathaniel Dodson of tu is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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