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UTA artist space, an exhibition venue in beverly hills, and carpenters workshop gallery have joined forces to present a new group exhibition. The post ‘dark fantasy’ exhibition in LA includes work by virgil abloh, studio drift, and maarten baas appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Even though speedlights are incredibly useful for macro photography, they’re light does not always look flattering. Harsh shadows in unwanted places, blown out highlights and strong aberrations are common issues. And even though strong, directed light can look good in many cases, diffused light looks more natural and generally more pleasing to the eye too.The two following photos illustrate that
A new Kickstarter campaign launched in collaboration with Singapore-based Flujo presents Signature Pro, a product claimed to be the first SSD enclosure with an HDMI port that also functions as an adapter hub for USB devices and SD cards. The accessory was designed for graphics professionals and others who deal with large amounts of data, external displays and dongles.Flujo Signature Pro is aroun
the 'calm booth' combines the company's private rooms with calm’s extensive library of meditations to help with stress, focus, and fatigue. The post the ‘calm booth’ is a soundproof meditation box made from 1,088 plastic bottles appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Remedy Entertainment's Control launches at just the right time to lean into Brutalism with an intensity I'm not sure we†™ve seen before. ...
First-time hotelier Seija Ojanpera quested after "retro" vintage furnishings from across the United States to complete the first boutique design hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Read more