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Scientists have long debated why there seems to be an association between higher levels of education and lower rates of Alzheimer's disease in later life. New research from Johns Hopkins Medicine is suggesting neurodegenerative disease is just as prevalent in more-educated individuals but a greater cognitive reserve can temporarily mitigate the impact of Alzheimer's pathology in one's seni
As the weather warms up in the US, we've picked out eight houses in New York's Long Island that are perfect for relaxing, including a bayside residence with an infinity pool by Marvel Architects and a beachfront home topped with grass by Mapos Studio. Read more
Team Britain has begun assembling its forces to join the battle for electric motorcycling supremacy. Triumph and Williams Advanced Engineering have entered an alliance with Integral Powertrain and WMG, in a government-supported push to develop electric motorcycle capabilities... Continue Reading Triumph and Williams form alliance to start building electric motorcycles Category: Motorcycle
Plastics are useful and ubiquitous – but that's not always a good combination. The vast majority of plastic waste can't be recycled, meaning it ends up in landfills at best or the ocean at worst. To help curb the problem, researchers at Berkeley Lab have now designed a new type of plastic that can apparently be reduced right back to its molecular parts, before being remade over and over...
Tencent has opened up its own cloud gaming platform, "Start", for public testing by users in Shanghai and Guangdong. ...
A Russian urban electric vehicle manufacturer and developers of artificial intelligence for autonomous driving systems are working on a city tram that will trundle itself around the streets of Moscow in the near future. The fully autonomous tram is due to start closed facility testing shortly, ahead of street tests along Moscow's tram routes... Continue Reading Autonomous tram to start clo
Photographer Jessica Kobeissi has racked up over 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel in large part because her videos are both entertaining and educational. In her latest video, she goes fully into the educational aspect by going through the process of editing a fashion portrait from start to finish, including retouching and color editing. When editing and retouching a fashion portra
Long exposure photography is an exciting twist on standard landscape photography. With the right camera settings, and in some cases the aid of very strong neutral density filters, you can capture images with very slow shutter speeds even in bright daytime conditions. By doing this, you can smooth moving water and even capture the movement of clouds across the sky. The end result can be a surreal
If you own a Nikon Z camera and still have a bunch of older lenses from other brands sitting around, K&F Concept's new line of Nikon Z lens adapters, which will start shipping on January 22, could be worth a look. They could give your old lenses a new lease on life.In total ten different Z-mount adapters will be available:KF-FDZ for Canon FD mountKF-EFZ for Canon EF mountKF-PKZ for Pentax K m
Epic Games said Thursday night it has partnered with Improbable to establish a $25 million fund to "assist developers who are left in limbo by the new engine and service incompatibilities that were introduced today." ... is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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