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If you’ve ever printed your own digital images, you know first-hand how enjoyable the experience can be. On the other hand, it can sometimes be an exercise in frustration as there are so many parts of the process that can go awry. Prints too dark and colors being “wrong” are just a couple of the numerous common issues people have when setting up a home printing workflow. Fortuna
the artist's short film 'raising the man' accompanied by a series of aerial photos tell us the story of how the central piece of the festival has come to life. The post unreal aerial photos of the burning man building process, by shalaco sching appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
We sat down with Ben Esposito, lead developer on Donut County for a chat about making dense yet personal games. ...
The Mulaka developers discuss how communicating with members of the Tarahumara community, whose folk lore inspired the game, helped portray an accurate representation of their culture. ...
Graphene is famous as a two-dimensional material, but to really make the most of the stuff we need to coax it back into 3D forms. Now researchers from Virginia Tech have developed a new way to 3D print graphene aerogels with a far higher resolution than previously possible... Continue Reading New 3D printing process paints graphene aerogel in far finer detail Category: Materials Tags:
It's conventional wisdom that the more effort you put into something, the more you will get out of it. Is this always the case with photography in general and landscape photography in particular? Ben Horne recently released a new video, seen below, in which he discusses this topic. There are times when a photographer works hard and spends a lot of time to capture a specific shot and the fin
Bringing a boat to the God of War series required over 600 animations and no small amount of mechanical tuning from developers to make the inclusion feel just right. ...
There is something both tragicomic and cathartic about trying to assume the dispositions of incredibly successful and prolific authors when you’re staring at a blank page. But what better way to procrastinate than to live vicariously through the habits and productivity secrets of renowned writers of yore. A brief tour of the scribe Hall of Read More... The post 3 Famous Writers on Process a
One of the artists behind Sunless Skies discusses what he's learned translating fearful prose into a nightmarish aesthetic. ...
The brain is a complex tangle of neurons that allow us to process lots of different stimuli at once. But according to new research from Duke University, that multi-tasking ability doesn't necessarily come down to lots of neurons doing their own job. The team has found evidence that individual neurons can process multiple signals simultaneously, by rapidly alternating between them... Contin is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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