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A new website called This Person Does Not Exist went viral this week, and it has one simple function: displaying a portrait of a random person each time the page is refreshed. The website is pointless at first glance, but there's a secret behind its seemingly endless stream of images. According to a Facebook post detailing the website, the images are generated using a generative adversarial netwo
Photography project 'Selfie Harm' tasked teens with editing their portraits for social mediaPhotographs by Rankin used with permission.A new photography project called 'Selfie Harm' from British photographer Rankin tasked 15 teenagers with editing portraits of themselves until they believed the images were 'social media ready,' highlighting their internal ideas of 'perfection.' The image editing
Photographer Jessica Kobeissi has racked up over 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel in large part because her videos are both entertaining and educational. In her latest video, she goes fully into the educational aspect by going through the process of editing a fashion portrait from start to finish, including retouching and color editing. When editing and retouching a fashion portra
With color gels, you can create a lot of interesting and vibrant portraits. It's a way for you to put your own spin on a traditional lighting setup and make images with powerful tones and moods. In the video below, photographer Daniel Norton shows how to create color shadows in your studio shots by mixing strobes with color gels and utilizing a single "clean" light. Why mix in a light witho
The following is a photographic essay of 21 real people – 21 of 800,000 workers – affected by the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Federal workers have become unwilling pawns in the shutdown. Perhaps most dehumanizing, the media and certain politicians relegate these great individuals to being part of a blind number — “800,000 federal workers.” Teaming together, we (DC photograp
In the 150th episode of David Bergman's video series for Adorama, Two Minute Tips, he is tackling the topic of wide angle portraiture. It's conventional wisdom that you shouldn't use wide angle lenses for portraiture. However, Bergman says that you certainly can shoot portraiture with wide lenses, but there are things to watch out for. Focal length alone doesn't change the look
Photographer Manny Ortiz specializes in portrait and for the last four years, it's been almost exclusively the type of photography he has done with his Sony cameras. Drawing on his experience, Ortiz has made a new video wherein he discusses and shares his camera settings for portraiture using Sony A7 III and Sony A7R III mirrorless cameras. For Ortiz, setting up his custom button assignment
This past fall, Adobe held their annual Adobe MAX conference. During the conference, they hosted numerous education Creative Sessions, including one with photographer Chris Orwig. The topic of Orwig's talk was about creating and capturing better portraits. Fortunately for us, the session was recorded and Adobe has recently published Orwig's talk on their YouTube channel. You can see the f
I’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years now, so I’ve seen and dealt with nearly every lighting scenario possible, from a dark church with no windows, to a wedding ceremony at high noon with not a cloud in sight. But one thing most photographers don’t know is how to photograph in dappled light!As a professional, you don’t have can’t excuse yourself for bad photos because you were given bad l
One of the most powerful techniques for retouching skin in Adobe Photoshop is frequency separation. Photographer and educator Mark Wallace doesn’t want to stop there with an editing tutorial, but rather walks us through the entire process, from capture to final editing, in the newest episode of Adorama's Exploring Photography. When used correctly, frequency separation is particularly is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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