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Benchmark Vehicles has caught our eye in the past with bold, bright-orange branding and vicious-looking off-road adventure vans. So we decided to dig a little deeper into its portfolio and see what the Portland, Oregon shop has been up to of late. One van that pops out immediately is the black-and-white (with strategic bright orange) "Swiss Army Sprinter," an aggressive adventure rig that'
If you're a user of a recently-produced laptop, you may have found yourself needing to spend extra cash on a USB-C multiport hub so you can continue to use your old thumbdrives, external displays and optical drives. Vaio is having none of that nonsense for its SX12 mini laptop, which offers an impressive array of ports for such a small machine... Continue Reading Vaio's latest mini lap
It seems Forcite always wanted to make smart helmets for motorcyclists, not snowboarders. So the Sydney-based company pivoted back to its passion and is working on a nice-looking carbon lid with built-in cameras, Bluetooth, audio and a performance-tracking sensor suite... Continue Reading Forcite's smart motorcycle helmet packs Bluetooth, an action cam and performance-tracking sensors
The gaming phone market is hotting up with models from Razr, Asus and others catching the eye, and now Chinese brand Nubia (part of ZTE) has launched the Red Magic 3 – the first gaming phone we've seen to include a cooling fan actually inside the phone itself... Continue Reading Nubia Red Magic 3 gaming phone packs in liquid cooling and an internal fan Category: Mobile Technology Tags:
Capcom is the latest games company to jump into the retro console craze. The Capcom Home Arcade comes preloaded with 16 arcade-era games, playable with two stick-and-button arrangements on one long panel, shaped like the company logo... Continue Reading Capcom Home Arcade packs 16 classic games into one weird-looking panel Category: Games Tags: Console Games Gaming
While many outdoor athletes like to add a liquid energy supplement to their water, doing so can cause their hydration pack or bottle to retain that booster's taste and color, and to require more frequent cleaning. Infuze offers a solution, in the form of two products that introduce liquid pep down the line from the main water supply – I recently got to try both of them out... Continue Read
Nissan's ProPilot technology has found a new home, and a rather compact one at that, in the company's all-new Dayz. The diminutive kei car is billed as the first mini-vehicle to offer the suite of driver-assist technologies, promising a safer and less stressful ride for those behind the wheel... Continue Reading Nissan packs its ProPilot tech into the Dayz kei car for smart highway driving
When we've attended the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in the past, we've always been on the lookout for things that weren't just plain ol' bikes. Well, this year's show didn't disappoint, with Bilenky Cycle Works showcasing a semi-recumbent creation that really caught our eye... Continue Reading Semi-recumbent electric tandem comes apart and packs up Category: Bicycles Tags:
We've seen a few iterations of Future Motion's Onewheel since it rolled into the urban mobility scene five years ago, but the new model introduced today is the lightest and most affordable yet. The Onewheel Pint is billed as a more manageable transport solution for city folks on the run, but saves enough space for a few new bells and whistles, too... Continue Reading Smaller, cheaper Onewh
Although it's important to get vaccines to people in developing nations and elsewhere, it's also crucial that those medications subsequently be administered in a safe and sterile manner. A new microneedle patch could help, as it incorporates bacteria-killing silver... Continue Reading Microneedle patch packs silver nanoparticles for safer vaccinations Category: Health & Wellbeing Tags: is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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