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We've already seen several dog-like quadruped robots, which move by walking with their four backward-bending legs. Researchers at Florida Atlantic University are now getting in on the act, with their artificially-intelligent (and dog-headed) Astro robot... Continue Reading Astro robo-dog packs an AI-enabled "brain" in its 3D-printed head Category: Robotics Tags: Artificia
Whether you're pedaling hundreds of miles across the wilderness or just to the corner store, one thing that can really throw you off is a set of large, heavy, rattling bike bags. Evoc approaches the problem with common-sense design: thinning and sleeking its new packs and securing them to the bike via Boa dials. The result appears to be a stable, centered way of carrying gear on two wheels
You don't really need a shovel until you really need a shovel. So taking up a third of your car roof with a man-height ditch digger's shovel doesn't make much sense ... that is, until you find yourself spinning tires helplessly in three feet of snow or mud. The shovel experts at Jackson, Wyoming-based DMOS Collective present a better way to stay prepared: a near-unbreakable spade that tele
Targeted at anti-piracy, border control, intelligence gathering and maritime security missions, the Pacific 950 is an autonomous boat that can operate alone for up to 10 days, or cover 300 nautical miles (556 km) at pursuit speed. Its built-in stabilized 12.7-mm weapons system, however, is human-operated... Continue Reading BAE's autonomous patrol boat packs 12.7-mm heat and offers 10-
You may think that the humble coffee table is something that couldn't be subjected to a high-tech makeover, but … yeah, you'd be wrong. The currently-crowdfunding Coosno is equipped with a mini fridge, voice control, Google Home and more... Continue Reading "Smart" coffee table packs in the techy features Category: Around The Home Tags: Google Home Indiegogo
Benchmark Vehicles has caught our eye in the past with bold, bright-orange branding and vicious-looking off-road adventure vans. So we decided to dig a little deeper into its portfolio and see what the Portland, Oregon shop has been up to of late. One van that pops out immediately is the black-and-white (with strategic bright orange) "Swiss Army Sprinter," an aggressive adventure rig that'
If you're a user of a recently-produced laptop, you may have found yourself needing to spend extra cash on a USB-C multiport hub so you can continue to use your old thumbdrives, external displays and optical drives. Vaio is having none of that nonsense for its SX12 mini laptop, which offers an impressive array of ports for such a small machine... Continue Reading Vaio's latest mini lap
It seems Forcite always wanted to make smart helmets for motorcyclists, not snowboarders. So the Sydney-based company pivoted back to its passion and is working on a nice-looking carbon lid with built-in cameras, Bluetooth, audio and a performance-tracking sensor suite... Continue Reading Forcite's smart motorcycle helmet packs Bluetooth, an action cam and performance-tracking sensors
The gaming phone market is hotting up with models from Razr, Asus and others catching the eye, and now Chinese brand Nubia (part of ZTE) has launched the Red Magic 3 – the first gaming phone we've seen to include a cooling fan actually inside the phone itself... Continue Reading Nubia Red Magic 3 gaming phone packs in liquid cooling and an internal fan Category: Mobile Technology Tags:
Capcom is the latest games company to jump into the retro console craze. The Capcom Home Arcade comes preloaded with 16 arcade-era games, playable with two stick-and-button arrangements on one long panel, shaped like the company logo... Continue Reading Capcom Home Arcade packs 16 classic games into one weird-looking panel Category: Games Tags: Console Games Gaming is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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