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In Daniel Norton's ongoing education video series for Adorama, OnSet, he shows off different portraiture and portrait lighting techniques. Oftentimes, he is photographing from the waist or shoulders up. When lighting a full body portrait, the situation can be quite different and there are more things for the photographer to consider, including using larger or more lights and working with a la
Portrait photographer Daniel Norton is back with another pair of episodes in his ongoing OnSet video series for Adorama. In the new videos, seen below, Norton shows how to use a strip box to create dramatic soft light and shares tips for capturing better portraits using a ring light. First, how can you create dramatic light which is also soft? When using a strip box, a 1 x 3 strip softbox in No
Portrait and commercial photographer Daniel Norton is back with another episode of his OnSet video series for Adorama. In the video below, Norton shows how to use one of his favorite light modifiers, one which is not particularly common, the lantern. The lantern is more often used for video when trying to light wide scenes, but it can be used as part of a one-light portrait setup as well. It cr
In all types of color photography, color is an important part of the overall mood of an image. All else equal, a cooler image tells a different story than a warm image. When shooting portraits with artificial lights, you can place colored gels over the light to dramatically change the look and feel of a shot, as Daniel Norton shows us in the video below. When creatively working with colored gel
Photographer Daniel Norton sets up his lights by following the simple adage of putting lights where they look good. However, people often ask him for more concrete tips and tricks for setting up lights, so in the video below, he walks through some common lighting positions for portraits. The positions outlined in the video should act more as a starting point for you rather than something to emula
Three point lighting is a common lighting technique for both stills photographers and videographers. In the video below, Daniel Norton breaks down three point lighting using examples and showing two classic forms of the lighting technique. The video is part of Adorama's OnSet video series. You can view all 210 episodes of the series by clicking here. Norton's setup includes a background
When creating a final black and white portrait, it is best to know you are going to end up with a monochrome image at the time of capture. This is because there are ways you can light your image which will make a stronger black and white image which may not have a similar impact on a color image. As Daniel Norton points out in the latest episode of his video series, OnSet, photographers often e
In the 200th episode of his educational video series, OnSet, photographer Daniel Norton is tackling one of the trickiest composition scenarios in portrait photography, a group photo. Creating a compelling group photo is no easy feat. Starting with the lighting, Norton is opting for a very large, soft light. He is shooting four lights through a six-foot scrimjim, which will result in a sort of s
When working with clients, photographer Daniel Norton is frequently asked to create an image with a clean, crisp white background. In the latest episode of OnSet, Norton shows us how to set up this shot, including how to light an image with a white background. By doing a good job in camera and with your initial setup, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle during post-processing. Firstl
You can dramatically change the look of your portrait by simply changing the distance and angle of bounced light. Much like it's important to learn how to set up your light (or lights) for portrait photography, it is perhaps equally important to understand how to bounce your existing lights. In the video below, photographer Daniel Norton shows how to bounce light in the latest episode of hi is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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