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As powerful as the human brain is, once it's damaged it can't really recover completely. Now researchers at Penn State may have found a way to boost the brain's regenerative abilities, using certain molecules to convert neighboring cells into new neurons. The technique could eventually lead to pills that treat brain injuries, stroke or Alzheimer's disease... Continue Reading Converting cel
Although we generally accept aging as a necessary evil, nobody would pass up the chance to slow it down. Now researchers from the University of Michigan may have found a way to do just that – in worms at least. The team has identified a molecule in neurons that, when blocked, improves motor function in older worms and increases their lifespan and general health. Better yet, similar pathway
A fascinating study from scientists at Rockefeller University has shed new light on a deep brain mechanism that can stimulate awareness and cognition. The research homes in on a collection of giant neurons in the brain that seem to be able to modulate stimulation of the entire central nervous system... Continue Reading How giant neurons in the brain stimulate consciousness, awareness and c
The brain is a complex tangle of neurons that allow us to process lots of different stimuli at once. But according to new research from Duke University, that multi-tasking ability doesn't necessarily come down to lots of neurons doing their own job. The team has found evidence that individual neurons can process multiple signals simultaneously, by rapidly alternating between them... Contin
Humans have evolved to do stuff during the day and sleep at night, but international travel or shift work can throw off that natural rhythm. Finding ways to reset this circadian clock could be key, and now researchers at Washington University in St Louis have isolated a small cluster of "grandmother" neurons that tell the rest of the brain when to go to bed, and found that stimulating thos
Finding ways to activate or deactivate specific neurons in the brain could be the path to treating disorders like Parkinson's or epilepsy, but usually that requires surgery. Now, Caltech researchers have developed a three-part technique that's far less invasive, combining ultrasound waves, gene therapy and drugs that has been able to affect memory formation in mice... Continue Reading How
Neuroscientists at Switzerland's EPFL have for the first time homed in directly on the specific cluster of neurons in the brain responsible for reprogramming long-term memories of traumatic experiences. The research brings neuroscience closer to answering the long-held question of whether therapy simply works to suppress fear-based memories or whether it actually helps rewrite those memori
In breakthrough new research described as "somewhat mind-boggling," a team at Stanford University has developed a technique than can transform human immune cells found in a regular blood sample into functional neurons in just three weeks... Continue Reading "Mind-boggling" Stanford research turns human blood cells into functional neurons Category: Science Tags: Blood is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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