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Innersloth Games' Victoria Tran goes through her own mistakes as a game marketer to explain that mistakes are inevitable, there are ways to correctly fail, and what lessons you can take away from failure. ...
Innersloth Games' Victoria Tran wants to help you recover from everyday marketing mistakes in her upcoming talk at GDC Showcase. ...
Becoming a successful landscape photographer is a complicated, challenging journey that is impossible to distill into a few words. But in this 9-minute video, Michael Shainblum at least tries to point out five mistakes he knows keeps you from growing as a photographer. Shainblum is a very successful landscape photographer and filmmaker, so the lessons he has learned in his past getting to where h
We’re going to walk you through common posing mistakes, particularly for sitting poses, and how to fix them. I want to cover this subject from both a masculine and feminine body language standpoint so you can see the differences and know how to fix issues on the spot no matter who you are photographing. Learning and understanding how to pose using body language as our guide is going to help you b
When photographers are just starting out in their careers, they tend to make the same set of mistakes that cost them work and, therefore, money. In this short 4.5-minute video, photographer Scott Choucino cites five mistakes that held his career back and urges you not to make them yourself. Choucino says that photography is a tough, lonely profession and as a result, we tend not to learn from the
IntroductionYou’ve bought your first camera. You’ve bought some film. You’re ready to load up and start shooting. What could possibly go wrong? Lots of things! When you make a mistake with your digital camera, you’ll know right away, but with film, it’s not until days or weeks later, when you’re home from your once-in-a-lifetime trip that you discover you’ve screwed up the picture you can never r
Let’s face it — in-office corporate headshots will not be your most exciting project as a photographer. In fact, in many ways, they’re a photographer’s worst nightmare.First, you don’t control the environment, and more often than not will be in less-than-ideal conditions for the shoot. Second, even with good conditions, you may get little to no time to scope the location for the shoot beforehand.
Portrait photographer Miguel Quiles is back with another useful video for aspiring portrait photographers. This time, he’s put together a video outlining the five most common portrait photography mistakes that he’s seen over the years, and how he suggests that beginners avoid or fix them.Quiles tells PetaPixel that the list is based on his personal experience “doing portfolio re
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