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Mercedes continues squaring up its lineup. The new EQC 4x4² concept is the first all-electric model of the 4x4² series, promising rowdy, unrestrained off-roading powered by battery. Like the 4x4² models that came before it, the new EQC rides on clearance-upping portal axles. It also gets some new model-specific upgrades, including something Mercedes calls "lampspeakers."Continue ReadingCategory:
Folding electric kickscooters are a convenient way to zip from the transport hub to the office, and can be great fun too. After launching its EQ family of all-electric vehicles, Mercedes now has its eyes on last mile commuters with a folding e-scooter that sports the no-nonsense moniker of eScooter.Continue ReadingCategory: Urban Transport, TransportTags: Mercedes, Electric Vehicles, Scooter, Las
Mercedes-Benz tends to be synonymous with top-end German luxury in the US, but over in Europe, it has a much broader connotation, especially when the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon rolls through town. There, Mercedes-Benz equates to everything from Benz-in-Benz ultra-premium motorhomes larger and comfier than any Mercedes-Maybach, to hardcore backcountry barges, to refined camper vans efficiently packa
For last year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, Variomobil introduced the fourth generation of its "Perfect" line of ultra-luxury motorhomes, revealing the Mercedes Actros-based Perfect 1000. How do you follow up such an impressive exhibition appearance? By climbing even higher up the ladder and revealing the larger, more exclusive flagship model, the Perfect 1200 Platinum. A little piece of exclusive
With its Campster and Vanster, Germany's Pössl already offers two of the most versatile camper vans on the road, vans optimized for morphing between everyday driving, gear-hauling and camping configurations. Now it's bringing that versatility home to Germany by basing a new pair of campers on Mercedes' midsize V-Class and Vito. Not only will the new Mercedes "Stars" of Pössl's lineup offer a litt
The Mercedes Marco Polo is a great, little camper van that gets even better this year, but it may be a little posher (and pricier) than some outdoor enthusiasts and travelers need. Germany's Hartmann Tuning presents a simpler, more affordable option that encourages campers to spend their waking hours in the great outdoors, not inside a cushy van. Hartmann fills Mercedes' midsize van with slides,
Those waiting for Mercedes to launch its all-new Weekender pop-up camper van need not wait for a four-sleeper Metris pop-top if they don't want to. Washington's Caravan Outfitter isn't a major automaker recognized the world over, but its Backroad camper van is every bit as efficient and versatile as Mercedes' own camper. And the Backroad is available right now ... for a few thousand dollars less
Instead of announcing updates to its entry-level Marco Polo Activity camper van at the same time it announced updates to the Vito van, Mercedes-Benz realized it could squeeze a little extra press out by announcing them a couple of days apart. The Activity enjoys most of the same updates as the van that serves as its base, but misses out on the most significant add: the 260-mile (420-km) all-elect
Following the launch of updated V-Class passenger vans last year, Mercedes-Benz introduces the updated Vito work van line this week. The highlight of the new lineup is the new eVito Tourer, which beefs up on battery power considerably as compared to the eVito that debuted back in 2017. Designed to work as a taxi or hotel shuttle, the fully electrified Tourer boasts an impressive range of over 250
Right after Hymer announcing its return to the US market, Mercedes-Benz launches its first modern US pop-top camper van. It's not quite the Marco Polo that Mercedes sells in Europe, but the Metris Weekender is a capable multipurpose camper van. is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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