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Dark matter is the mysterious substance that's believed to permeate the universe, outweighing regular matter by a ratio of five to one. It's thought to play a central role in the formation of galaxies, which made the discovery last year of a galaxy with no dark matter quite surprising. But now, astronomers have examined the oddball galaxy a bit closer – and found that it's not so special a
the collection has a translucent and waxy appearance mimicking an expressive texture similar to skin. The post odd matter studio’s ‘fat rolls’ vases are modelled after chubby arms appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
the amsterdam-based studio combines scagliola with a spray-painting technique from the custom car industry to create 'faux marble'. The post odd matter used 17th-century scagliola technique to create ‘guise’ collection appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
with earth's biodiversity under threat, a team of MIT researchers led by neri oxman has been in search of materials and chemical substances that can sustain it. The post mediated matter group’s melanin research results in proposal for responsive glass pavilion appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Although dark matter makes up roughly 85 percent of all matter, it's still never been directly detected. Ever more sensitive systems are in the works, watching and waiting for wandering dark matter particles to interact with them, and now researchers from the State University of New York at Albany have developed a new dark matter detector using supercooled water... Continue Reading "S
Some of the strongest evidence for dark matter to date has been discovered – and ironically, that's thanks to its absence. In a pair of studies published this week, astronomers have shed new light on dark matter through close observation of a galaxy previously found to have very little of the stuff, while the same team found a new example of a similar oddball galaxy... Continue Reading New
this tall, honey-skinned cocoon structure is composed of the most abundant biopolymers on the planet. The post decay by design: organic matter, 3D-printed by a robot and shaped by water appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
With hopes for manned missions to Mars and space tourism in the offing, how the space environment impacts the human body is the source of much intrigue for scientists at NASA and beyond. A fascinating new study from the University of Florida (UF) has sought to provide answers, uncovering some thought-provoking changes in the brains of astronauts before and after missions into space... Cont
Physics tells us that a hammer and a feather, dropped in a vacuum, will fall at the same rate – as famously demonstrated by an Apollo 15 astronaut on the Moon. Now, CERN scientists are preparing to put a spooky new spin on that experiment, by dropping antimatter in a vacuum chamber to see if gravity affects it the same way it does matter – or if antimatter falls upwards instead... Continue
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