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whether it’s textiles, wall coverings, flooring, paint, stone and tile, solid surfacing or a combination, all samples are shipped in one box. The post material bank: the fastest, easiest, and most sustainable way to sample materials appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Bamboo and carbon fibre can be used together to build earthquake-proof architecture, says Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, whose Bamboo Ring is installed at the V&A for London Design Festival. Read more
Designer Melanie Abrantes has used cork and wood leftover from her old projects to create sculptural vases, canisters and baskets influenced by the colours, forms and textures of California's coast. Read more
the material is bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable, fire retardant, water repellent and its production process causes no pollution or waste. The post gaura vm kwali transforms pine needles into biodegradable composite material appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Materials that change their properties in response to different environmental triggers promise all kinds of versatility for all kinds of applications, and an international team of scientists has just come up with a particularly inventive one. With an ability to stiffen up under a certain type of light and go soft in the dark, the new material shows particular promise for the world of 3D pr
Getting a filling isn't always the end of a tooth's cavity problems. Sometimes, bacteria is able to get down between the filling and the surface of the tooth, causing another cavity to occur. A new antibacterial dental restorative material, however, could help keep that from happening... Continue Reading Antibacterial filling material is aimed at keeping cavities from recurring Category:
We've already heard about water-repellant materials that copy the structure of the lotus leaf. Now, however, scientists have created a flexible optical plastic that wards off liquids even better, and it was inspired by something else – the humble Enoki mushroom... Continue Reading Mushroom-inspired material gives liquids the slip Category: Materials Tags: Biomimicry Hydrophobic
Insomniac Games is looking for a someone who's eager to set the quality bar for the creation of textures and meeting the aesthetic target set by the art director/s for each project. ...
A Texas appeals court has ruled that the University of Houston does not have to pay the photographer of a picture it has been using in online and print promotional materials. Houston photographer Jim Olive says the university removed copyright markings from an image downloaded from his stock library, failed to credit him when it was used and wouldn’t pay when he sent a bill, but the university cl
While shape-memory materials do have some interesting potential applications, many of them require the application of heat in order to change shape – and that could cause problems, in temperature-sensitive environments such as the human body. A new material, however, relies instead on a magnetically-responsive liquid... Continue Reading Stiffer shape-memory material utilizes magnetically-a is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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