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While the Curiosity rover continues to explore the Red Planet, NASA is gearing up to launch its successor. The Mars 2020 mission is well into the testing phase, and now the organization has successfully conducted the first test of a supersonic parachute that will (hopefully) allow the craft to safely touchdown on Mars in early 2021...Continue Reading NASA conducts successful test for Mars 202
When NASA's InSight lander touches down on Mars in November 2018, it will have an unusual cargo. Where other interplanetary probes might carry a commemorative plaque or maybe a coin, InSight will have a microchip inscribed with the names of 2,429,807 names submitted by public, including over 1.6 million names collected this year, who were provided with downloadable "boarding passes" for the m
winning the mars city design competition 2017, MIT's 'redwood forest' concept proposes bubbles of luscious habitats that connect through underground tunnels.The post MIT’s proposed interlinked, domed tree habitats win mars city design appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
When NASA's Mars 2020 mission sets down on the Red Planet in three years, it will have a record number of cameras aboard. The unmanned, nuclear-powered rover will carry 23 cameras that will have higher resolution more 3D capability, and larger bandwidth than any previous Mars explorer – including one camera inside the rover's laboratory to monitor sample collection and storage...Continue Read
Most plans for Mars bases make becoming a colonist about as desirable as setting up house in an oil drum, but an MIT team has come up with a plan for a Mars city based on the architecture of a tree. Taking out first place in the Architecture section of the Mars City Design 2017 competition, the Redwood Forest concept is intended to provide settlers with not only protection against the harsh M
"Today will be hazy with a heavy possibility of sand furrow formation. Also keep your eyes peeled for floating chunks of carbon dioxide, spontaneous pit formation and, as always, don't leave home without your hab suit." That could some day be the winter weather forecast Martian colonists wake up to, based on new research out of Trinity College Dublin...Continue Reading Mars forecast: Floating
Stefano Boeri has suggested that a "new Shanghai" made up of "vertical forests" could be built on Mars, should rising sea levels render Earth uninhabitable. Read more
Hoping to ready earthlings for their move to Mars, Thomas Missé has designed a lightweight, stackable chair made from carbon fibre that he believes will lower interplanetary importation costs.  Read more
Earlier this month, NASA probes in orbit and on the Martian surface detected an incredibly bright global aurora as a powerful solar storm struck Mars. The aurora was accompanied by a powerful dose of radiation that would have posed a significant danger to humans exploring the Red Planet...Continue Reading NASA missions detect massive aurora and radiation spike on MarsCategory: SpaceTags:
An international team of scientists has discovered evidence of water ice around the equator of Mars – a region in which it was believed the vital resource would be unable to survive. The ability to mine and process ice deposits could make future manned exploration of the Red Planet much easier, as it can be used for drinking water, and even as an element in the manufacturing of rocket fuel... is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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