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One of the most powerful ways to adjust the mood of an image, a landscape photo in particular, is through the use of the Orton Effect. This technique was developed in the 1980s by Michael Orton and it essentially creates a dreamlike glow to your image. You can read more about the effect and how it has been traditionally used in digital photography by clicking here. Through the use of a new techni
Editing images with software like Lightroom typically involves changing parameters like exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and so on for more than 90% of your work. These parameters are controlled using sliders that you have to drag with your mouse — sliders that emulate physical controls. But why not use such physical controls like sliders or control dials directly?Instead of using t
In September 2018, Zeiss announced the ZX1, a fixed-lens, full-frame camera that has onboard Adobe Lightroom CC integration. Yesterday, Zeiss shared a two minute video that gives the world its first hands-on look at the ZX1 and its onboard editing abilities.Throughout the video, portrait photographer and photojournalist Sabrina Weniger walks around the streets of Little Tokyo in Düsseldorf narrat
Over this past year, an increasing trend in photography seems to be finding a viable alternative to Adobe Lightroom. Some have done it to get out from underneath the subscription service while others aren’t pleased with what remains to be inconsistent speed and performance. It seems to be more of the latter than the former, with the Lightroom Catalog largely responsible for the latter. I
Adobe has added a few new features to Lightroom Classic such as customization of Develop Panel, Add to Collection option in auto-import settings, Grid Snap option in book module, other enhancements, support for new cameras and lenses, and bug fixes. For a full list of all the cameras and lenses added to ACR, you can find the camera list here and the lens list here. Below we will show you all of t
Last month, I had the opportunity to get briefed on Luminar 3 with Libraries, which has been teased for a longtime by Luminar developer Skylum. Well, it looks great and it’s coming soon. Very soon actually, as the Luminar with Libraries update will be launching on December 18. To bring you up to speed, Luminar 3 with Libraries is a free update for existing Luminar users which adds library
ON1 has launched its new ON1 Photo RAW 2019 photo editor for macOS and Windows. The new software is a "major upgrade" to the existing ON1 Photo RAW editor, according to the company, which has added new features that include focus stacking, a non-destructive layers workflow, a new portrait tab, and more.ON1 Photo RAW 2019 relies on AI-powered algorithms to bring "significant enhancement" for users
Last year, Adobe introduced a new desktop photo editor, Lightroom CC, which is a simpler, more streamlined version of Lightroom. The original Lightroom has since been rebranded as Lightroom Classic CC. Compared to Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC launched with pared-down features, although Adobe has been continually updating the software and adding more functionality. Nonetheless, Lightroom CC
Black and white photography is far more than simply lowering the saturation of your images. In film days, you could use different filters on your lens to create different looks to your black and white images, making certain colors brighter or darker. With digital photography, it’s much simpler, with many photo editors giving you control over different color channels during a black and white
Over the last couple of weeks, we have shared a pair of videos from photographer Attilio Ruffo focused on helping beginners edit their landscape photos in Adobe Lightroom. The three-part video series has concluded and the final video can be seen below. If you need to catch up, the first video can be seen here and episode two can be viewed here. As Ruffo has mentioned in his prior videos, the id is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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