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Photographer Attilio Ruffo is in California doing landscape photography and he wants to discuss camera settings. Ruffo likes to keep things simple and straightforward, so the video below focuses on four different camera setting topics: metering, exposure, focusing and shooting. How does Attilio meter his landscape scenes? He primarily uses two kinds of metering modes, spot and matrix. The latte
The radiation dose of an x-ray scan is fine for patients getting them every now and then, but health risks stack up for radiologists who are exposed to it all day, every day. Layers of protective gear help, but now researchers at Purdue University have developed a living device for these workers, using yeast colonies in wearable patches to monitor how much radiation a person is being expos
Want a simple introduction to the basics of the Exposure Triangle in photography? PHLEARN has created a trilogy of short video tutorials that explain aperture, ISO, and shutter speed using Star Wars LEGO.You can watch all three episodes in less than 20 minutes below. May the exposure be with you.Episode 1: Aperture“Learn the fundamentals of aperture to keep your entire subject in focus or a
Have you experienced frustration when using your camera to shoot video? Confused about T-stops, ND filters and the right shutter speed to use? This week, Chris and Jordan take a break from gear reviews to discuss the things you should know to get proper exposure when shooting video. Get some practical tips and learn about Chris and Jordan's exposure square... or is that an exposure trapezoid? Tun
MindShift Gear, the sister company of ThinkTank Photo, has released its all new Exposure messenger bag lineup. Like its backpacks, the MindShift Exposure lineup is made with outdoor photographers in mind, complete with water-repellent material and a rugged bottom.The Exposure shoulder bags come in two versions: the Exposure 13 and the Exposure 15. As the names suggest, the Exposure 13 can fit a 1
We saw last week that photographer Nigel Danson is in Iceland to capture landscape photographs and in his newest video, seen below, we join Danson on Iceland's southeastern coastline. The stunning landscapes makes for wonderful photographic subjects. This can sometimes be a disadvantage as it can be difficult to find the best composition when there are so many good options. There is certainly
Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography has headed to Whitby, England to capture long exposure landscape images. The wrinkle for Karnacz is that he wants to do long exposure photography in bright daytime conditions. To capture long exposure images during the day, stopping down your aperture is often not enough. To slow down the shutter speed enough during the day, a neutral density filter is often
Alien Skin Exposure X3 3.5$149 | | Buy NowThis review is based on use of Exposure X3 and a beta version of Exposure X3 Complete Workflow Update for Mac.IntroductionWe’ve reached the point with image editing software that most basic features are covered. Correcting for exposure, saturation, and other settings are the expected baseline, which means applications need some
Alien Skin Software's excellent photo editor, Exposure X3, has received a massive new update, dubbed the "Complete Workflow Update." The update brings with it additional creative and organization control and new printing functionality. Let's take a closer look at the new features. Of the new update, Alien Skin CEO Finley Lee says, "This latest update to Exposure X3 provides photographers
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