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Exposure Software Exposure X5 $119-149 | exposure.softwareAlthough we've reviewed both of its immediate predecessors – Alien Skin Exposure X3 and X4 – here at DPReview, I'm personally a newcomer to the long-running and retroactively-eponymous Exposure series. Since the last release, Alien Skin has changed its name to match that of its most popular and best-known app, and now goes by Exposure Soft
Three years after launching its first Jollylook Instant Camera, the company is back at it with a new and improved version.The new version is called the Jollylook Mini Auto. As its name suggests, this updated version features automatic exposure, a built-in flash and an adjustable aperture (F16, F22, F32, F45, F64 and pinhole). Other improvements include the addition of a multiple exposure option,
A comprehensive study from the UK has found that introducing children to certain foods at an early age is associated with a lower risk of developing allergies – and the correlation is clear even when subjects didn’t stick strictly to the regime.
Google's brand new flagship smartphone Pixel 4 comes with a variety of new and innovative camera features. Google has already said that some of those features, for example the astrophotography mode, will be made available on older Pixel devices via software updates.However, two of the new functions will be reserved for the latest generation Pixel devices: Dual exposure controls, which let you adj
Exposure Software (formerly known as Alien Skin Software) has launched Exposure X5, the latest version of their complete non-destructive raw editing software. The primary features of X5 include over 500 customizable presets, 3D color masking, Photoshop and Lightroom plug-in support, black and white processing, non-destructive layer-based editing, organizational tools such as keywords, virtual cop
Plug-in and stand-alone imaging application manufacturer Alien Skin Software has announces it's changing its name to Exposure Software. The company, which started life in 1993 and is well known for its Eye Candy and Exposure Photoshop plug-ins, will switch its name to align itself more closely with its flagship Exposure X package. It says that with the release of Exposure X5 the transition will b
Here’s a creative technique to add to your bag of tricks. In this 9.5-minute video, we’ll show you from start to finish how we took an ordinary scene and turned it into to go from day to night in one single exposure, in-camera.Full disclosure: We want to thank Profoto for sponsoring this video and making it possible to create these incredible pieces of free education for photographers world
Nigel Danson is back in the Faroe Islands in his newest video. It's a beautiful location for landscape photography and a great place to try out long exposure photography. When capturing long exposure images, different subjects look best with varying shutter speeds. A long exposure image of calm water may require a different exposure time than shooting very choppy ocean water. If you feel comf
Even if you shoot using raw files, which are much more flexible during post-processing than JPEG files, it remains important to do a good job with your exposure at the time of capture. When you get right down to it, capturing a good exposure is a fundamental part of being a good technical photographer. There's more to photography than purely technical aspects, however, and there are creative
Have you been asked to shoot photos in exchange for “exposure” but aren’t sure how many “exposures” your photography is worth? Figuring out a exposure exchange rate can be tricky, and that’s where Photography Domination‘s handy Exposure Calculator comes in.The simple online calculator is simple and easy to use.“Find out exactly how much “exposure” y is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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