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Volition is seeking an energetic, driven, and skilled engine programmer to participate in the development of technology for our next generation of titles. ...
Advances in technology have made many household appliances more energy efficient, and even given outdated old ones some energy-saving smarts, but addressing the power usage of each individual device across the home is still a tall order. Researchers at Cornell University have been working on more of a one-size-fits-all solution, developing a vibration-sensing device that can keep tabs on applianc
Rocket Lab made a successful return to service by launching a customer’s satellite into orbit earlier this week, but that deployment wasn’t the only cause for celebration. The team also managed to insert its own house-built Photon satellite into orbit as part of the same flight, it revealed today, marking the first outing for a spacecraft it hopes to one day send to the Moon, and possibly beyond.
Psyonix founder Dave Hagewood explains how Rocket League's "rocket boost" mechanic started as a simple nitro button and wound up becoming a critical part of the game's acrobatic high-level play. ...
The "Film Simulation" modes in Fujifilm cameras are a major Fuji feature that I've wanted to write about for years now. They're truly unique among all the camera makers, and there's way more to them than most people realize. It's a big topic, though (as you'll see from the 12,000+ words and more than 90 illustrations below ;-) I could never manage to justify the time it would
Over a dozen former and current Ubisoft employees have come forward with fresh allegations of toxicity and abuse, implicating leadership figures still working at the French publisher. ...
All kinds of fascinating discoveries are likely lying in wait for us in the deep sea. Now scientists have pulled a new monster out of the waters off the coast of Indonesia. The creature is a new species of “supergiant” isopod, a huge marine relative of the common pillbug.Continue ReadingCategory: Biology, ScienceTags: Species, Animals, Ocean, indonesia, National University of Singapore
In what sounds like the opening scenes of a sci-fi disaster movie, scientists have managed to revive microorganisms that have laid dormant for over 100 million years. These microbes were discovered deep beneath the seafloor, where they’ve been slumbering since the age of dinosaurs.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: Bacteria, University of Rhode Island, Ocean, Geology, Life, Micro-organisms, M
In this 2018 GDC talk EA's Magnus Nordin gives an overview of the potential of neural nets in game development, and how they can be combined with reinforcement learning to create new forms of AI. ...
Scientists have discovered ultra-black fish that absorb almost all light that hits them, allowing them to effectively hide in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. It appears to be a more efficient method than those used by other animals, and the find could help inform future advances in optical and camouflage technology.Continue ReadingCategory: ScienceTags: Fish, Vantablack, Super-Black, Smi is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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