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Photo: Dan BracagliaWe were being out-paced by a semi-truck on a dirt road off an Idaho interstate in a mad gambit to skip an hour's worth of stop-and-go traffic. As the 18-wheeler rounded a corner far ahead of us, leaving our sight, I felt a bit of humility. Mostly relief. Though if we'd wanted, we could easily have kept up with the truck in the little Subaru we were bouncing around in.It was ni
I've been writing about photography and camera gear for about ten years and in that time I've had the privilege of shooting with all sorts drool-worthy, piggy bank/ground-breaking cameras and lenses: the kind of gear I dreamed of one day owning as a kid.But these days, what gets me most excited is not the gear with the highest price tag, most impressive specs or prettiest bokeh, but that which ma
Photo: Dan BracagliaI think we can all agree that 2020 has been an unpredictable year, so it seems appropriate that my gear of the year is a camera I wouldn’t have predicted a few months ago: the Fujifilm X-Pro3.But first, a bit of context.Some of my earliest photography was done with a hand-me-down rangefinder camera, a Kodak Retina IIc. I loved the experience of shooting it and still remember
Please note: the images in this article are downsized from the original files. A link is provided below to our full samples gallery.What a year. I thought 2016 was bad, but then 2020 barged in, ripped a room-clearing fart, handed 2016 its beer and went bananas. Hopefully you don't need me to list the many horrors of the last 11 months, because I would prefer not to.It's surreal looking back now,
Dan BracagliaIn Part 1 of my Gear of the Year for 2020 I mentioned that the Fujifilm X100V has been in my hands almost all of this year. This article is about a very different piece of photographic equipment in my collection, which has also seen heavy usage this year. And an item which – while much less practical for the kind of day-to-day documentation to which the X100V is so well-suited – is n
Dan BracagliaI wouldn't usually consider myself a fan of long lenses, perhaps as the result of my early digital experiences coming on disappointing superzooms. Once I'd got over the novelty of being able to take pictures of something a long way away, I usually found I could take a better photo by simply getting closer. I've used long telephotos for sports shooting, of course, but in recent years
For eight years we've been bringing you our Camera of the Year awards to showcase the best of the best that passes through our lab and the field. This year we wanted to turn the reigns over to you, the readers, and get your take! A few weeks ago we put together a poll featuring eight of the top cameras from 2020, which included entries from all of the Big 6 camera manufacturers. In the runn
If you buy a new high-end camera, you'll probably have to stock up on new memory cards. And card readers. CFexpress Type A is one of the options, but will it take off, or remain an expensive outlier?It's sometimes hard to recognize when life's been treating you well until things take a turn for the worse. Like it or not, we're not returning to the halcyon days you may have taken for granted at th
on view at the haus am waldsee until october 4, 2020, the retrospective exhibit presents more than 25 years of work. The post barkow leibinger’s ‘revolutions of choice’ exhibition opens in berlin appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
It's easy to overwhelm players with too much choice. In this post game user researcher Bob Tilford discusses the literature of excess choice and how it relates to game design. ... is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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