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Happier Camper burst onto the camper scene in a big way a few years ago, blending smooth, retro-inspired fiberglass with a super-flexible Lego-like interior to create the adorable, little HC1 camping trailer. After a side trip over into the camper van realm, Happier gets back to caravans once again, adding a little size to the family with the new Traveler. The latest Happier camper fills its bell
Back in 2012, it would have been easy to dismiss Taxa Outdoors' Cricket camping trailer as experimental art. It looked unlike anything out there and didn't necessarily appear like it would appeal to the masses. But small, quirky camping trailers have only grown in popularity since, and Taxa has grown with them, adding smaller, much smaller, and larger options to its lineup. Now it's revamping tha
Having established itself as a global leader in hardcore, backcountry-grade camper trailers, Patriot Campers presents its very first live-in trailer. Unlike its other tent-topped trailers, the new X3 folds out to create a three-person living cabin.
With #vanlife shining a spotlight on camper vans, manufacturers have been moving conversions upmarket, creating vans that look and live like larger motorhomes. Affinity's version has convertible bunk beds and a bedroom with en suite bathroom.
Dethleffs isn't the only company pondering an electrified camping trailer. Australian firm OzXcorp is hard at work on a supplementary e-drive to turn hard-edged off-road caravans into semi-self-propelled machines with Level 4 autonomous capabilities.
Pop-up tent campers are an age-old way of enjoying a light tow and roomy base camp, but they're not always as quick or easy to set up as the term "pop-up" suggests. The Easy Caravanning TakeOff follows through on the pop-up's promise of quickness.
italian architects fabio vignolo and francesca turnaturi have created a transparent cabin for camping under the stars. dubbed immerso, the tiny housing module sleeps up to four people and takes just two hours to assemble. images via airbnb     the transparent-roof cabin is a prefabricated timber shelter that can be built on-site without using […] The post the immerso retreat is a
Australia is nearly the size of the United States, but has less than a tenth of its population, mainly dotted around the perimeter. It's a rough, rugged and beautiful country, and it offers some of the toughest and most rewarding camping on the planet. Check out how the locals are doing it in 2019. .. Continue Reading The best of Aussie-style off-road camping from the 2019 Australian 4x4 O
Just months after debuting the X1-H with integrated hard-top tent, Australia's Patriot Campers is breaking its tent options wide open. In place of an integrated tent, the all-new X1-N features a built-in roof rack for use with any roof-top tent (RTT). The X1-N can sleep the whole family in a large fold-out tent or a fast-moving couple in a quick-popping two-person hardshell. And as always
Rooftop camping is a common topic here at New Atlas, but typically it's focused on tents mounted atop motor vehicles. A new hotel opening this year in Hamburg, Germany is broadening the conversation, supplementing its standard rooms with a rooftop campground. You might expect to find glampy yurts or cabin tents in such a fixture, but the Pierdrei Hotel has a different idea: craning up the is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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