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Last October, Yashica launched a Kickstarter project for a new digiFilm camera, the Yashica Y35. The product is weird, allowing (or rather, forcing) the user to install digital film canisters into the camera to allow you to use different digital filters. The Kickstarter was a smashing success, raising over a million dollars in very short order. Tony and Chelsea Northrup recently tried out the Y
In last week’s episode of Two Minute Tips with David Bergman, we learned about using a gray card to nail your exposure, particularly in situations where a camera’s metering system can come up short. This week, Bergman is focused on color, specifically how to use a color checker to dial in accurate colors in any situation. In can be difficult to get accurate color, especially in situ
Instagram has not only changed the way that people share and view images, but it has also changed the way that people are processing photos. With people seeing so many images in such a short period of time on Instagram, photographers are looking for ways to make their images stand out. You only have a second or two to make an impression, so what can you do when editing shots to make your photos l
Our Photo of the Day contest is a terrific way to hone your skills as a photographer and get recognized for your hard work out in the field. It’s also a great way to earn prize money that can be put towards that next awesome lens you’ve been dreaming about! But to get a chance at the prizes, you must first be awarded a daily winner. Now, for those of you who’ve tried and not y
Wouldn’t it be great if you could nail your exposure every single shot? With the aid of an 18 percent gray card, such as this one from X-Rite, you can. Below, photographer David Bergman shows us how to use a gray card in the newest episode of Adorama’s Two Minute Tips. When photographing a bright subject, such as a person, against a dark background, the camera will often try to bala
If you’re experienced with Photoshop, you likely know that the software has many different kinds of blend modes, all producing different results and offering varied capabilities. However, even very advanced users often find several blend modes which fit into their workflow and rarely venture outside their favorites. As Blake Rudis of f64 Academy points out in his newest video, seen below, y
Click here to see our Nikon Z6 Sample Images First out of the gate for Nikon's all-new full-frame mirrorless system was the Z7, a high-end camera sporting a high-resolution 45.7-megapixel image sensor... and a rather high price tag. For those enthusiasts wanting a Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera at a lower price point, or for those wanting a camera that's a bit more sp
I had a chance to catch up with Sony's Kenji Tanaka at the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany back at the end of September, and have finally managed to get the transcript of that interview into shape to share with our readers. (Huge thanks to IR Senior Reviews Editor Mike Tomkins, for his help with the transcription and editing.) I was very interested to speak with Tanaka-san, given t
In the recent release of Adobe Photoshop, which is called Photoshop CC 2019, there was a big update to a tool called “content-aware fill.” In his newest video going in depth with Photoshop CC 2019, Colin Smith of PhotoshopCAFE breaks down the changes Adobe has made to content-aware fill and also discusses how you can get the best results with the tool. In his first example, Smith is
At Adobe MAX 2018, Adobe evangelist, photographer and educator Julieanne Kost held a session covering many advanced tips and tricks for Photoshop CC. You can see additional sessions from Adobe MAX 2018 by clicking here. In the video below, Kost showcases Photoshop techniques, little-known features and different hidden tricks she uses to improve photos even faster. The topics covered include cus is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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