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Hello there!  How are you doing today? Have you gotten your cup of tea ready for relaxation? Okay! Today’s Tech-Recipe will teach you methods to join a Group on Facebook. Groups are pages for customers with a collectively shared curiosity, such as regional yard revenue or a music genre. Facebook groups are one of the […]The post How To Join A Group On Facebook appeared first on Tech-R
Normal SMS messages take up minimal space on your device. You would need to have thousands of messages for them to put a noticeable dent in your iPhone’s storage. However, multi-media messages (MMS) can accumulate over time and may eat a considerable amount of your device’s storage. It is advisable to delete these MMS from […]The post How to Delete iPhone Messages appeared first
Good to see you again! With the Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, this was a short week on Copyblogger. On Tuesday, Kelton Reid kicked things off with a thoughtful look at impostor syndrome — with clues on how to approach it from different sources, including the famous Turing Test. And on Wednesday, I talked Read More...The post Get More Traffic, More Confidence, and More Work Done ap
The history and website data on iPhone contains details about your browsing activities. The data contains the site that you visited, your saved usernames and passwords, and even cached images. The overall purpose of the saved data is to make your browsing experience faster. However, there are times when you need to clear your browsing […]The post How to Clear History and Website Data on iPh
iPhone supports the use of content blockers. Content blockers are apps and browser extensions that block pop-ups, abusive ads, cookies, videos and images, and other content on your iPhone’s Safari browser. This article will teach you how to use content blockers on iPhone. Content blockers help you get rid of those annoying pop-up and auto-play […]The post How to Use Content Blockers o
Do you get all the traffic you’d like for your site? Do visitors just keep pouring in, letting you meet all of your business goals with ease? Yeah, don’t worry, no one actually says Yes to that question. Getting new people to your site can be tricky, and changes in Google and Facebook algorithms don’t Read More...The post A ‘Big Blog’ Strategy Anyone Can Use for More
It’s another wonderful moment with tech-recipes on another problem solved topic titled “How to clear Firefox history “. As you browse the web, Firefox helpfully remembers lots of data and information for you. Websites you have visited, documents you’ve downloaded and more. All of this is known as your history. However, if you’re using a […]The post How To Clear
Hello loyal readers! I came across a question on the internet where people are asking about “how to enable autofill in google chrome”. This article is going to explain how you can permit Autofill, which is a function on all browsers that fills out the whole types/input similar to those who ask for delivery or […]The post How To Enable Autofill In Google Chrome appeared first on
Have you ever had that nightmare where you’re sitting in an examination room in front of a panel of experts watching a timer count down to zero? You’re being asked a series of critical, complex questions, and you’re running out of time to answer. In fact, you haven’t answered one correctly, or at all, and Read More...The post How a Famous Robot Test Can Help You Beat Impos
Today is the U.S. holiday set aside to celebrate the life, accomplishments, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. No marketing lessons, no promotional tie-ins, just our respectful acknowledgement of an American hero. We’ll be back on the blog tomorrow … looking forward to seeing you then. is a social bookmarking place where you can share, find & discuss the best news around on most topics. We focus on hi-tech reviews, gadgets and geekery but we like almost anything that's awesome, appealing and thought-provoking! er6i9ds5mz

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