At WWDC 2018, Apple announced the next version of its desktop operating system for Macs, macOS Mojave. Here's what's new!


Apple starts by showing off a new Dark Mode for macOS. It changes the color of the app windows, toolbars, dock, and more.
Dynamic Desktop is a feature where your desktop wallpaper subtley changes throughout the day based on the time.
Desktop Stacks is a feature that groups all of the files, folders, and tags to auto-organize your desktop. Stack icons are also scrubbable.
The Finder gets a new view called Gallery view. Makes it easy to preview images, videos, PDFs, documents, etc.
New Finder sidebar to see the full metadata of any file(s) you have selected, along with quick actions along the bottom of the sidebar.
Markup has been added to Quick Look
New screenshots functionality - similar to iOS, the screenshot appears in the bottom corner of the screen, and when you click on it, you get a Quick Look with a bunch of readily-available tools
A new screenshot tool also allows for quick video recording
New Continuity Camerea feature allows you to use your iOS device as a camera to insert photos into Mac documents. This can also be used for document scanning from an iOS device into a Mac doc.
Enhanced eGPU support


The Apple News app is coming to the Mac in macOS Mojave
The Stocks app is also coming to the Mac in Mojave
Voice Memos will be part of Mojave as well, with iCloud syncing
Apple's Home app will ship with macOS Mojave, allowing you to control your smart home devices, along with Siri support


Apple is extending protection to Cameras, Microphones, Backups, Message history, and much more
In Safari, Apple is auto-hiding even more tracking scripts connected to like buttons and comment fields
Safari is also making it harder for trackers to create a fingerprint of your device, so your Mac appears to look like everyone else's Mac, making it harder for ad companies to track you


Apple has completely redesigned the Mac App Store
Similar to iOS, the Mac App Store will feature editorials and stories
Videos of apps are built in to give a better idea of how the apps look and feel
More categories like Create, Work, Play, and Develop to easier find groups of apps
Microsoft is bringing Office 365 to the Mac App Store
Panic is bringing Transmit
BareBones bringing BBEdit
Adobe is bringing Lightroom

Apple also answered the question of whether they are merging macOS and iOS - the answer is "No!" However, Apple will be allowing iOS apps on the Mac through a new set of UI instructions. It starts in 2018 with News, Stocks, Home, and Voice Memos. In 2019, developers will have access to these tools as well.

WWDC 2018: Apple announces macOS Mojave originally appeared on Gear Live on Mon, June 04, 2018 - 10:09:00

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